28 February 2011

The Quay Restaurant

Purely inspiration from watching Master Chef last year episode, seeing Peter Gilmore's signature dessert (Nectarine Snow Egg) has made me vow myself to go there. Finally, last month we had a chance to dine in the restaurant where is namely one of the finest restaurant in Australia, The Quay.

Look at how many awards did they get!!!

At first we were planning to go for the tasting menu, but then we looked carefully in the menu and I couldn't find the renown Eight Texture Chocolate cake that we are dying for tasting it. Damn!!!
So we decided to go for ala carte menu which were four courses dinner for $155 (seems a bit pricey but for food lover, it's really a great experience) and we pick the food mostly the same from tasting menu (8 courses) just been divided for 2 person and we save $65 each person. Smart isn't it???

Here are the food.. So, Octie-Appetie...

 Amuse Bouche: Tuna, but can't remember what exactly.

Course 1: Sashimi Hiramasa Kingfish, Smoked Eel and Egg White Pearl, Pickled Kohirabi, Octopus, White Dashi Jelly

Course 1: Sea Pearls, Sashimi Tuna, Sea Scallop, Smoked Eel and Octopus

Bit dissapointed with this dish not because of the flavour but one ball is missing from what I expected. As what I saw in the other food blogger, She got 5 types. Abalone suspended in dashi consumme is the missing one.

Course 2: Slow Braised Pig Cheek, Ginger Milk Curd, Abalone, Tasmanian Wakame and Chestnut Mushroom Consome

Course 2: Butter Poached Quail Breast, Foie Gras Pudding, Walnuts, Quinoa, Truffle Custard, Milk Skin

I'm not a big fan of foie gras but this dish just blow my mind away... 

Course 3: Glenloth Squab Breast, Roasted Cherries, Almond Cream, Bitter Chocolate Black Pudding Crumbs, Beetroot Chard
Really like this serving dish and wanna have one at home...

Course 3: Slow Braised Berkshire Pig Jowl, Maltose Cracking, Prunes, Cauliflower Cream, Perfumed With Prune Kerned Oil

Course 4: Eight Texture Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake is much nicer than the average one from any Patisserie shops but not as special as i imagined.

Course 4: White Nectarine Snow Egg

This is the 'Hero' of the day. I can say is the best dessert I ever have so far... If I could, then I would have some more of this. The soft meringue centered with nectarine anglaise and covered with crunchy golden praline maltose shell on the bed of nectarine granita. A perfect match, i'd say...
I guess, the restaurant got the best view in town as they facing two Australian iconic symbols, Opera House in one side and Harbour Bridge on the other.

Petit Fours. Why only 3???

Nice Teapot

After dinner, We took a slow stroll around Circular Quay and enjoyed the view.

Overall, for the food wise is indescribably delicious. Seeing the menu, got my head wondering of the combination of ingredients that they use whether it would be nice. Surprisingly, each of the element compliment each other very well. With a top-class ambience and outstanding service are a bonus. One of the most memorable dinning experience.
Now I do believe, They justify all the awards and media comments. They really do!!

Overseas Passenger Terminal
The Rocks, Sydney 2000
Ph: (02) 9251 5600

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