27 February 2011

Thailand Journey: Chapter I

Hi guys, it's me again. I have been away for so long now, it's time to blog again.
Recently just checking out all the photos in my computer, has made me completely insane, don't know what to start about my blog. Then I have figured it out that I will change my blogging direction and focus more on the Food Trip in different cities or even different countries.

This blog is all about Thailand...
As we all know Thai food is one of top 5 cuisine in the world (I guess!!). Its famous for their fresh ingredients and a kick of spiciness and tangyness. Fortunate enough that my hubby is Thai so He brings me to where the local dine, especially those the street food. Sometimes I know that hygiene may not be the rule of thumb for this strret food, but at the end of the day is the taste that counts.

I apologise in advance that I could not give the exact address for those eatery places, but I can guide you roughly where they are or just give you guys a deeper idea about thai food or just more food choice according to the local..

I won't talk any longer and lets the pictures do the talk. So Octie-Appetie..

Tom yum Goong (served on traditional thai pot)

Kwetiau Tom Yum (along Chao Phraya River, Ayutthaya)

La mer, Khao (Mt.) Tha Kiep, Hua Hin

The seafood are really fresh and especially it comes with Thai seafood dipping sauce. Well married between sweetness of seafood with the spiciness and tangyness of the sauce. You also get the first class open view facing the Hua Hin beach.

Bakmee Heang Luk Chin (dried noodle with meatballs), Amper Bang Yai, Nonthaburi

Actually in this shop they sell the best Noodle Boat with pork blood (Kwetiau Rea Nam Tok). Its just too yummy so i just dig in as soon as I got the food. Next time I will show you guys the photo I promise.. Cos Im coming back definitely..

Quail eggs pancakes (Jatujak Market)

Dam Nam Saduak (Floating Market) Ratchaburi
Better go on the weekend as this small canal will be packed with food and stuffs.  

Left: Ronald McDonald Sawasdee
Right: Watch out!! The fish is swimming in the microwave

Poo Lon Restaurant, Phra Samut Chedi Samutphrakarn

My Wedding Breakfast Menu (Thai Style Wedding)

My Wedding Dinner Menu (Thai Style Wedding)

Wedding decorations

Moo Kratiam (Garlic Pork)
Normally in the Ran arhan Tham Sang (street food stall) they can make it

Mon Nom Sod, MBK Shopping Centre

Nice place for meeting and chatting with friends. Having some hot or cold milk with toast (condensed milk, custard, peanut butter topping and lots more)

MK Suki

Its a Suki restaurant, but I prefer the green noodle with BBQ duck. They have more than 20 branches across Thailand (eg. Siam Paragon, Central, MBK). They got 2 types of MK: Normal MK and the another one is MK Gold. As you can see from the name, MK Gold obviously have a better sevice and ambiance.

Mister Donut, MBK Shopping Centre

Khao Mun Khai (Thai style Hainan Chicken - Steam chicken with rice)

The shop that sell Khao Mun Khai normally also selling the Fried chicken which comes with sweet chilli sauce. The famous one mostly sell early morning and finish around 10 am. So better get up early, enjoy the fresh breeze and hunting this heavenly food..

Kanom Khrok (Coconut pancake)

Egg Tart (KFC)

Chocolate Mousse Cake with Cone

I got this from the Seven Eleven shop and I'm so addicted to it.
Seven Eleven is one of the best shop existed in Thailand.. Not like the convinient stores here that we have in Australia. They sell drinks (Cha nom - Thai milk tea, Coffee (Hot and Cold), Milo, Coke with ice, etc), fresh food (Sausages, Burgers (with buns or sticky rice sandwich), hot Dim Sum, plus the general stuff like normally they have in convenient store. So please try once at least!!!

Its not end yet..  See you in the next chapter.. with better food and better details..

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