12 July 2018

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam and Sunda Resort, Krabi

Last year, we spent another new year trip on the road again.  This time we went down south Thailand.  We stopped by at Krabi, Phuket and Chumphon.  This trip consists of sea, sun and scrumptious food.  As usual, we drove out at midnight from Bangkok.  Nice safe drive on the empty road and we arrived at Chumphon early in the morning.  Ready to have breakfast in one of the biggest resting area with a lot of different food stalls.  From Southern cuisine to central Bangkok food.  Khun Sarai Restaurant provides huge huge dining space with clean and relatively cheap food.  On the table, they readily serve complimentary set of fresh vegetables with chili dipping sauce (nam phrik) and cold drinking water.

Muslim style roti and chicken curry with hot milk tea
This breakfast was absolutely a good morning kick for me.  The spice and fragrant smell from this curry nicely wakes me up in that early morning.  The flavor was much better than what it looks.  The slightly crispy roti on the outer matches very well with the flavorsome curry.

After that, we went to Tha Pom Klong Song Nam or "Two Water Canal".  It is a natural mangrove where two type of water running through the area.  The salty water from the sea meets the fresh water from the river.  You also can find some type of aqua animals that lives only in this type of water. 

tranquil clear water

This was the first time I saw the real-life mistletoe like leaves

Nearly as big as my palm (shellfish)

We stayed for 2 nights in this Sunda Resort at Aonang, Krabi.  After checking in and relaxing for a bit, we went straight to had dinner at Wang Sai Restaurant while watching the beautiful sunset as well.

beautiful sunset view from Wang Sai Restaurant

Stir fried prawn with stinky bean

Stir fried melinjo leave with egg

In Krabi, their specialties are stinky bean (sator) and melinjo leaves.  Sator for anyone who never tried before, it could be quite extreme and pungent.  But a lot of people are actually like this stinky bean.  And the melinjo leave was delicous with slightly bitterness taste within.

fresh, huge and well cooked shellfish

deep fried battered pineapple
I always have deep fried banana but never actually tried battered pineapple.  It was surprisingly yummy, the pineapple still keeping their texture crunchy yet soft, sweet with somewhat sourness touch.  It made a delicious sweet for sure.

Khun Sarai Restaurant
Tha Kham, Tha Sae District, Chumphon
Open 24 hours
Ph: +66 77 547 223

Sunda Resort
19 Moo 3, Aonang, Krabi
Ph: +66 89 230 9019

Wang Sai Seafood
98 Moo 3, Aonang, Krabi
Opening hours: 11am-10pm
Ph: +66 75 638 128

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