06 March 2017

Vietnam Day 3: Orchid Hotel Hue and Hue Spring Bar & Restaurant

Vietnam Day 2 (Part2): Cu Chi Tunnels Tour And Street Food Market, Ho Chi Minh

breakfast - scrambled egg served with banh mi

After staying two nights in Ho Chi Minh, we moved up north to Hue.  The flight took roughly about 1 hour and 20 minutes with Vietjet.  

welcome drink and banana

After keeping our luggages in the hotel, we strolled along the Parfume river and saw this semi-outdoor restaurant.  Looks good and their menu also looks appetizing.  In Hue, there are a few specialize food that differ from Ho Chi Minh.  For example: their beef noodle soup is creamier than pho beef in Ho Chi Minh with a touch of tomato paste.  In here, they also famous with their nam lui hue and nam ran.  And while we were in Vietnam, I vowed to myself that I will order Vietnamese coffee whenever I see and I could.  Vietnamese drip coffee is very thick and aromatic.  It smells lovely and normally served with condensed milk for the sweet finish.

Orange juice 45,000VND

Vietnamese coffee 25,000VND

Nem Lui Hue - lemongrass pork wraps served with peanut sauce 60,000VND

Nem Ran - spring roll 49,000VND

Hue noodle soup with beef - Bun Bo Hue 35,000VND

Orchid Hotel Hue
30 Chu Văn An, Phú Hội, Tp. Huế
Phone: +84 54 3831 177
Hue Spring Bar And Restaurant
64 Lê Lợi, Phú Hội, Tp. Huế
Phone: +84 90 522 58 58
Stay tuned for the next blog still in Hue:

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