14 November 2016

Japan Day 9: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Japan Day 8: Mihama American Village And Shuri Castle, Okinawa

Churaumi Aquarium is homed to one of the largest tank in the world (Kuroshio Tank) and contains of wide variety of species, including the three giant whale sharks and manta rays.  I could just stand there for hours watching those big fishes swim by and whenever the three of them pop up at the same time on the glass window, it was amazing.

You can actually make your own way to aquarium by bus that takes about 2 hours journey.  However, in more convenient way, we chose a day trip tour that include aquarium entrance fee, Pineapple Park (my apologies, I forgot to attach pictures from this park) and Ryukyu Glass Village.  Hassel free and we just need to make our own way to the bus terminal.  The tour costs 4,800yen.  Depart 8 in the morning and back just before 5pm. 

Having fun with those star fish and sea cucumber

Pork belly taco

Stew pork belly with rice and tomato salsa

Eating while watching those giant whales.  What more can we ask!

At the Ryukyu Glass Village

One of the restaurant serving local delicacies just opposite the Makishi Market

Fresh de-skinned fugu fish at Makishi Public Market
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