17 November 2016

Japan Day 10: Fujiya Hotel, Hakone

Japan Day 9: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

From Naha, we flew back to Tokyo, then with NEX to Shinagawa and continue to Odawara.  From there we changed to Tozan Railway, an all stops local train, to a small town called Miyanoshita.  By then, we arrived at the station around 8 pm and the concierge of Fujiya hotel is kindly picking us up from the station.  A pretty long journey from down side to this spa town and changing with a few type of transportations as well.

Tozan Railway

Catching this train is actually an exciting experience itself.  We at first counting how many stops needed before our stop.  As outside were pretty dark and we couldn't see much.  I think it was about 5 stops before Miyanoshita and we were pretty sure that the next one would be our stop.  When we got off the train, station was really dark and no sign could be seen.  The train driver was quickly called and run toward us and asked us where are we going.  We just said "Miyanoshita" and he explained to us that this wasn't a station, it is just a changing platform and Miyanoshita is the next 2 stops.  We surprised but also felt lucky that the driver saw us getting off the train.  We just realize that the train is going up the mountain and is pretty hard and longer time-consuming to make curvy railway.  Therefore, the rail is like zigzag with two heads train, once the train arrive in one end, the train driver have to run and drive the train from another head.  When we inside the carriage feeling like moving front and backward a couple of times.  Great job to who ever invented this and feeling thankful to the extra hard work of train driver.   

Miyanoshita station at night

Good morning Hakone, view from our window

I am ready to go for hot spa, mommy

The room is massively huge compared to any other hotel in Japan that I've ever been.  Their service was a five-star quality service, very friendly and she showed and explained to us all the facilities in the hotel.  Although this hotel is an old historical hotel but the building and the rooms are well maintained.  It actually makes them look even more charming and the touch of Japanese-style garden and outdoor chapel (Happiness Hill) made the beauty comes to life.  It is like tourist destination itself just inside the resort.  

Japanese garden

Happiness Hill

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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