31 October 2016

Japan Day 6: Pierre Herme And Bake Cheese Tart, Shinjuku

Japan Day 5: Monjayaki At Tsukishima, Tsukiji Fish Market And Kabuki-za

Underneath Takashimaya Shopping Centre is a food heaven especially for a sweet-tooth person like me.  A few shops sell nice-looking and mouth-watering cakes.  There is also a branded shop, Pierre Herme here joining one of them.  After take home some best cakes according to me, we headed home.  At Shinjuku station, just before we about to get in.  We saw this long queue of cheese tart shop.  Back then 2 years ago, we had never heard about BAKE cheese tart shop.  (Now, is like branches everywhere including Bangkok).  Of course, I need to try this regardless.  OMG !!! It was the best of the best cheese tart I've ever eaten in my entire life for sure.  The base was still crunchy, despite the soft and creamy cheese filling.  The filling was incredibly yummy,  sweet yet moderately salty as well, just what I like.  What a cheat day today with all this sweets. 

BAKE cheese tart from Hokkaido

Vanilla tart - Pierre Herme

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