10 October 2016

Japan Day 5: Monjayaki At Tsukishima, Tsukiji Fish Market, And Kabuki-za

Japan Day 4: Kappabashi Street And Asakusa

Monjayaki is a savoury pancake that more popular in Kanto region.  It is pretty similar to okonomiyaki but uses different liquid ingredients.  Additional dashi or water is added to monjayaki batter mixture, making it runnier than okonomiyaki.  In this Tsukishima district, especially along the Nishinaka-dori, is a famous long street selling those monjayaki and okonomiyaki.  We honestly didn't know which restaurant should we heading to.  But for save, we chose the one with English menu.  Although it is a little bit more pricey than the others but it was convenient for us with zero Japanese language.  However, not only foreigners in this restaurant, majority are locals dining here.  So, it must be good.

Seafood monjayaki 1,100¥

First they pan fried the seafood and vegetables then made a hole in the center and poured the wet ingredients there.  Finally topped with dried seaweed and mayonnaise.  Yumm....

Okono with yaki soba 900¥
We definitely made the right decision.  The service was brilliant, they helped us 2 innocent people with cooking process while giving us some space too to try our own.  The food was also great and delicious.  Price wise, it wasn't that expensive as we thought though.  Happy meal happy tummy...

Today, we are supposedly wanting to see the inside of Tsukiji Fish Market as previously we missed that (we only had a sushi meal at the famous Sushi Dai then headed straight home as an extreme sleepiness struck).  However, after a laid back morning and too much time-spending at the monjayaki restaurant, once we arrived at the market, shhh..., we only can hear the sound of the wind blows the air.  No human, no fish and everything were cleared up already.  Basically, we were too late.  It was 11 am in the morning.  Without regret, we walked around the outer site of Tsukiji market, where they are selling fresh seafood products in retail price.  We had one of the biggest and freshest oyster ever from this market, but it also comes with the price of 300¥ each.  One mouthful definitely can't fit this whole oyster.

Huge and fresh oyster 300¥ each

Not so far from there, was this Kabuki theater.  We didn't get to see their show but just browsing at the market which is located on the ground floor.  Then keep walking back to Ginza, wandering around at the giant billboard city and then finished our day with a nice meal at Parco shopping centre, Ikebukuro, near our hotel.



Tonkatsu in this restaurant is absolutely fabulously delicious.  Crumb on the outside were crispy, not so oily and the meat inside were tender and soft.  It comes with miso soup, Japanese steamed rice (I looove Japanese rice), fresh cabbage and condiments.  For rice and cabbage is unlimited refill as long as you can finish them.  It was totally a great meal.

Set meal - 1,420¥

Then we finished our meal with some dessert from OMS Dessert Pancake still at Parco Shopping Centre.  Their Japanese style pancake is slightly different, fluffy and very soft, is more like a sponge cake for me but yummier and they topped with runny whipped cream and toppings.

Tonkatsu Wako
Level 8, Parco Shopping Centre
1-28-2 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo Prefecture
Opening hour: 11am - 11pm

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