14 September 2016

The House Of Raminten

Borobudur Temple

One of the famous eccentric restaurant in Yogyakarta is this The House of Raminten.  The restaurant is named after Mr. Hamzah Sulaiman's character in soap opera on Jogja TV that he used to perform.  The decoration in this place is so eye-catching.  Nice lesehan (sitting on the floor/mat and low table) setting on one side, then some kursi malas (lazy chair) on the other side.  You also can find the Jacuzzi on the way to toilet at the back, is placed for no reason (or maybe we just didn't get it why!!).  More weird thing is there are horses (in the cage) as well inside the restaurant.  Pretty smelly though around that area.  Some other small touch here and there, on the wall or just been placed by the wall are really interested.  The serving dishes that they used are pretty fun and unique too.  The price of food is quite reasonable.  

Wedang jahe merah

Susu prawan tancep

Ayam Koteka

Tempe Goreng

Variety of Satay

Special rawon with steamed rice
Their rawon was really good actually.  The broth was so thick and flavorsome just like what I like.  This is a very traditional Javanese dish.  However, the steamed rice is needed to order separately. 

Sego Ijo (Green Rice)

Sego Kucing Single

Sego kucing triple
We were surprised and little disappointed with this dish (not blaming anyone but our self).  When we read the menu they said 'triple', we thought it would be triple portion of everything.  But when they served it in front of us, it was correctly triple but only rice, the meat and condiments are the same amount.  Lucky it wasn't my dish though. 

Roti bakar

Durian pancake
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