16 September 2016

A Little About Surabaya Food

The House Of Raminten

Back to Surabaya with train

Old time snack

Pasar Atom is one of my favorite mall in Surabaya.  You can almost get everything you need in one place.  You can get things from fashion, watches, dvds, furniture, kitchen appliances, snacks and so on.  The place is so massive yet not-so-luxury.  The old site of this mall is pretty hot with no air-conditioning but the selling price is much cheaper than the mall site where shops are pretty new complete with air- conditioning.  Bargaining skill is highly needed in here unless for some shops that already put the fix price tag. 

Not only for shopping, their food and drinks in there are totally heaps and heaps.  If you don't know what to choose, you can visit the food court on level 4.  It will give you even more headache, spoilt with abundant of choices.  Although the tables and chairs are plenty, but in the lunch time you better save some sits before actually ordering the food or if you come with your friend, you can swap around.  Otherwise is pretty hard in finding one. 

You can place an order, then pay money first.  Most of the stalls will give you a queue number to hold on.  Then the waitress will delivery it to your table.  You only need to point roughly where your sit is and she will come looking for you.  I'm so amazed by their talent on finding the whereabouts of customers.  Even me at that time were looking for my parent who reserved the table for us, took me nearly 10 minutes.  The food usually comes very quick and they're all yumm..  If you are not the locals, just look at the most busy stall which normally should be the best one in there.  No worries about the price, it is pretty cheap as they are too much competitors around. 

Batagor - traditional fried tofu and egg dumpling with peanut sauce

Iga Bakar - grilled beef ribs

Satay Babi (Pork satay)

Burung dara goring and kwetiaw siram

Food Court Pasar Atom
Pasar Atum, Lt. 4 (Jalan Bunguran No. 45)

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