08 September 2016

Gudeg Bu Djuminten and Malioboro Street

From Surabaya To Yogyakarta By Train And Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta

Nasi Gudeg is a must try dish while you were here in Yogyakarta.  It is a traditional cuisine of central Javanese.  The dish is normally consist of unripe jackfruit and coconut milk, also commonly served with Opor chicken (chicken in coconut milk) or ayam goreng (fried chicken), hard-boiled egg, tofu and sambal goring krecek (a stew made from crisp beef skin-this is the best part from all).

If you ever eat nasi campur in java, this gudeg is like central java style of nasi campur with sweeter taste and coconuty.

When the night comes, the city turns alive with heaps and heaps of street food stalls, husling bustling of Malioboro street with market along the street, Delman (horse carriage) that is ready to take you anywhere.

Malioboro night market

Delman (Traditional horse carriage)

Warung Gudeg Bu Djuminten
Jl. Asem Gede 14/ Jl. Kranggan 69, DI Yogyakarta
Tel: +62 0274 561151

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