22 August 2016

Day 6 of Northern Thai Trip: Wat Nam Hu and Baan Santichon - Yunnan Cultural Village

Day 5 of Northern Thai Trip: Medio De Pai Hotel And Pai Walking Street

Wat Nam Hu

The special thing about this temple is that inside the monk head can produce holy water that comes from nowhere.  Monk will take it out once a year and get about a bowl full of holy water. 

This snake look-a-like GPS map is a pretty common scene to see in anywhere around Mae Hong Son province.  Curve after curve, get ready with your road-sick capsule.  But when we arrive at the destination, any destination is worth travelling for.  Like this one, Baan Santichon - Yunnan Cultural Village.  This village is very much like a smaller version of the real Yunnan village.  From the house shape, stuffs that they are selling and the food are genuinely brought from Yunnan as the place is nearby.  Therefore, you can feel like you are in Yunnan, also sampling their local food plus bring home the Yunnan's souvenirs.

This is their signature dish - Stew pork leg served with mantou

Stir fry kangkung

Steamed fish with ginger and shallot - in a spicy version
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