28 June 2016

Europe Part 18: Goodbye Paris (Laduree And Notre Dame)

Europe Part 17: Our Last Day In Paris (Academie Hotel Saint-Germain And Café De Flore)

Notre Dame

Smart container

Laduree (the best macarons in town)

Just want to share a little story of my extreme disappointment experience on my last day in Paris.  Basically, I just want to throw my sadness out of my heart so I will feel a bit relieve.  The thing was..  It happened on our last night in this beautiful city of Paris.  We were travelling with 5 adults and 2 toddlers and always carrying strollers for the two of those little kiddies.  And while we were in Paris, we caught public transport so often especially for the train.  And of course we are a law-abiding citizen so we always bought ticket as per use.  However, on that unlucky day, we as normal bought single way train ticket as we only need that one way journey (I couldn't recall from where to where, but that's not important anyway).  At that time, the gate attendant helped automatically open the gate for us to go through, because he saw us carrying so much stuffs and baby strollers as well.  We so appreciate of what he done for us but yet he didn't mention anything, therefore we didn't check the ticket into the machine.  (as in Australia, if the gate is open, then we don't need to put the ticket through again, as long as you carry the valid ticket with you). 

Bad luck, once we arrive our stop, we were innocently walked out the station heading to our hotel.  There were quite lots of polices, maybe nearly 10 of them, standing or I would say blocking the way out to check every passenger's ticket.  We then handed our tickets to them, and they checked with kinda small black machine that they carry anywhere.  And said to us that 3 of them were invalid (because me, my husband and my brother-in law that went through the gate without put the ticket through).  We tried to explain to them, however was very hard as they speak very little English and they basically don't want to hear nothing of our explanations.  I mean we only a traveler that knowing nothing about this complicated train system (so far, in Australia is definitely OK as long as you carry a valid ticket.  But of course how can I compare isn't it, it is totally different country).  We are only travelers, don't know about it, the other guy on that gate didn't tell us, plus we are carrying a-bought unused ticket.  Not like we try or plan to cheat or what but whatever the reasons are still unacceptable.  But they are police with the gun and even though how much we tried to explain, they just throw their face away and ready with their fine book.  And threatening us by saying that if you don't pay now (which is 50 Euro pp), tomorrow at the airport would be 380 Euro pp, yet if still want to go to court would even be more expensive.  They also mentioned "you guys come here as a tourist although cash finish, you must have credit card or so." So, is there any option left for us beside swipe our card with a total of 150 Euro.  Last day.. Bad memories...  Hmmmm.. I won't be coming back to this country for a while. 

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