09 April 2016

Dubai Part 3: Gold Souk

Dubai Part 2: One Day In Dubai

Another spot to not be missed here in Dubai is this original Gold Souk (Souk means market).  Shops after shops are selling gold.  They display all gold like not afraid of thieves.  I have never ever seen this much gold before, whether at Nathan road Hong kong or Yaowarat (Chinatown in Bangkok), where they actually famous with gold shops lining up on the street.  However, here in Gold Souk Dubai, their gold or jewelry are truly massive, I can't imagine who will actually wear those kind of jewelry.  If you guys are coming here and planning to buy gold, is definitely worth it as the price is pretty standard and good quality of gold.

Gold Souk

OMG.. I only can bite my finger

Jumeirah Mosque is claimed to be Dubai's most beautiful mosque

Burj Al Arab

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