18 February 2016

Club Med Maldives Part 9: One Day in Male

Club Med Maldives Part 8: Club Med Spa

Today we will spend a bit of time outside Club Med.  We booked a day tour from our lovely concierge.  A day tour to Male, the capital city of Maldives and where the government offices are located and where the primary local fishermen do their trading and living.

After we enjoyed our big breakfast, we went straight to the wharf waiting for our boat to depart.  It was still pretty early, so we just snapped some pictures around the jetty and bathed with morning sun.
The boat takes about 20 minutes ride to Male.  From there, we divided into groups according to the tour that we booked.  Luckily, it is only two of us in our group with one local guide to bring us around.  I do not against any big group tour, however, I could feel very annoy when we need to wait for others taking times too long than what designed for (like shopping or private things).  I love freedom.

Firstly, the guide takes us around to see the government buildings, the huge mosque, and some other important landmarks here in Male.  While we wandered around, he were also telling us the history and information about Maldives.  Male, is actually pretty small island that you can cover in one day by foot.

Mosque (the biggest mosque that can acommodate 5000 people inside)

Monument for terrorists attact rememberance in 1988 (9 military died and 10 civils are missing or died)


Then after that, he took us to have a look closer the way fishermen and locals live.  The local fresh fruits and vegetables market and the main fish market.  It's an eye-opening somehow to see some of local produces that I have never seen before.  Some fancy looking fishes that they sell in the market.


Fresh Fish Market

Our journey today ended in one of the local coffee shop.  Digging some cold drinks and ice cream, what a nice refreshing on the hot day like this.  We actually really want to try their local cuisine.  However, the guide told us that only men are allowed to dine in the restaurant (in the local Maldivian restaurant).  They distinguished between men and women to not mix, as they are Islamic country and we need to bound with their rules as well.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Maldives:

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