02 December 2014

Day 17: Shinsekai, Osaka

Day 17: Nara

Shinsekai is known as a dangerous neighborhood in Japan.  This image derives from the fact that there are lots of homeless living in this particular area and especially in the south side, the prostitution is quite open as police control the area with one-eye-closed.  However, it wasn't pretty bad when visit Shinsekai.

Beside all of those bad reputations, Shinsekai is actually a great place to visit as they have lots of restaurants to choose from and 'Kushikatsu' is definitely one of Osaka's best known specialties is served right here.  Kushikatsu is a skewered dish, battered then deep fried.  They offer a great range from chicken, meat, vegetables, banana, cheese to ice creams.

Then they also have Tsutenkaku Tower, which is built to imitate the Paris' Eiffle Tower.  Also here is famous with the Spa, a large number of pools with European and Asian themed floor. 

Stew Quail Eggs

Fried Squid Leg

Varieties of Kushikatsu: Tuna, Chicken Tight, Quail Egg, Pork Rib, Cheese, Sweet Potato, and Chocolate Banana

The thing that makes Shinsekai even more spooky is this 'women only' carriage.  This area is the only place we see that have a separate gender carriage in Japan.  It is good though to prevent something bad happen.  However, the reason behind this carriage exist make this place even scarier.

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