18 November 2014

Day 17: Nara

Day 16: Yoshinoya

Nara is located less than an hour train ride from Osaka and housed the oldest and famous Todaiji Temple.  Not only this temple, Nara is also full of historic treasures.  And just a stroll around the park along side with heaps of deer around also quite fun activities to do.  You can also feed the deer as a few snack vendors around sell deer biscuit or known as Shika Sembei.

We heard that the deer are pretty aggressive in here.  At first we didn't believe so as they look so calm and mostly just try to pick on my husband pocket in searching for some snacks.  But a moment later, I saw there was one kid just running around in the park where a deer behind him about the same height with the kid, all of sudden run toward him and strike the kid until he fell then ran over him.  I am sure the kid tummy was very hurt been step by deer that even bigger and heavier than he is.

Feeding time

Pick 'food' pocketing by deer

Todaiji Temple

There is this KFC just in front of Nara station, we definitely would like to check out what specialty they offer in Japan.  Their Wa Fu Chicken Burger was absolutely the winner.  Very very delicious.  A must try.

4 pieces of spicy chicken 260yen each

Wa Fu Chicken burger set

Egg Tart 170yen

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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