05 May 2014

Day 8: Kamakura

Day 7: Takazawa, Akasaka

Kamakura Station

From Kamakura station, you have two options to go to Daibutsu or The Great Buddha are by Electric Railway or by bus.  The bus stops just right opposite the station and costs 190 yen for one way then the bus will take you right on the entrance way of Daibutsu.

The Great Buddha
Daibutsu (The Great Buddha)

Daibutsu shaped taiyaki with red bean filling

Dango 100yen/each (soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, sweet soy sauce with sesame)

Plum Soda Drink 150yen

Squid snack 350yen
Very interesting snack, the squid dip into some kind of batter then flattened until paper thin.  Nice flavour too.  However,  hold it tight, be careful of the strong wind!!!  Otherwise this light and this thin snack will fly away from your hand.

On the way back to Kamakura station we decided to walk down to Hase station to catch the train back to Enoshima Electric Railway.  It costs the same with bus, 190yen for one way.  And in the meanwhile, we can also make a brief stop at the Hase temple.

Hase Station

Electric Railway

Tsurugaoka Hachimango
I really love strolling along this walking street, Tsurugaoka Hachimango just about couple minutes away from Kamakura station.  If you really want to enjoy the time slowly, I think it would take about at least an hour back and forth.  However, we need to rushed back to make time for our next stop, Yokohama as we have a very tight schedule today.  As usual, we grab a few snacks along the way.

Fried chicken on stick 200yen

Ice cream 450yen

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:
Day 8: Cup Noodle Museum, Yokohama

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