01 May 2014

Day 7: Takazawa

Day 7: Asakusa, Tokyo

This is the restaurant that get so many bloggers talking about.  Takazawa restaurant (previously called Aronia De Takazawa) started only 2 tables in the house with just Chef Takazawa and wife Akiko run the show.  But now has expanded to 4 tables and few employees there.

Chef's preparation table

Amuse Bouche: Edamame Soup
Edamame soup that are shaped into solid balls.  Once I put this little haven in my mouth, the flavour just burst out.  'WOW'  The first food that served to us was stunned me.  I'm so excited for the rest of dishes that they will put up for us.

Another amazing amuse bouche from them.  This time is duck liver with seared duck meat.  It was simply yumm...

Salmon roe with crispy wafer-like shell base.  When Akiko came serving this dish to our table, the tarts were closed under the lid with full of smoke inside.  Once she opened it, the beautiful smell flown out and it was absolutely mind blowing.

Ratatouille (2005)
This Ratatouille is Takazawa's signature dish.  This dish has been invented in 2005 and they still be part of the menu in here until now.  It consists of 15 type of vegetables that have been cooked and attended each individually then arranged into nice coloured ratatouille, visually stunning dish.  Really delicate tiny dish with nice flavour and still have this lovely crunchy texture on those vegetables.

Complimentary bread and Pate'

Vegetables Parfait (2011)

This parfait is definitely one of my favourite dish of the night.  The cold parfait is so fresh with a hint of tomato flavour and those blended green veggie sauce and cheese are married well together.  The freshly chopped cucumber and tomato as well as the roe are completed the dish.  Their presentation is so vibrant and elegant just like come straight out from the fine cookbook.

Scallop Spaghetti (new)
When Akiko brought this dish to our table, she asked "On the menu, it said that Scallop Spaghetti but can we see the scallop?"  That's right, where is the scallop.  We only can see sea urchin and some kind of plain 'spaghetti' there.  Yeah.. because the scallop had been cooked and processed into spaghetti-like.  Very clever.  Myself not a fan of sea urchin, but those sea urchin on top of spaghetti were not overpowering at all, besides it compliments the light taste of the scallops.

YAKITORI... With Egg Yolk? (new)

Another brilliant creativity from the Chef prove on this plate.  The new way of enjoying Japanese popular dish, Yakitori.  Instead of from the sticks, it's more like deconstruction model.  And that yellowish green ball is yakitori sauce, you need to cut it open to release those slightly sweet salty delicious sauce.

Absolutely great sake come from Yamanashi Prefecture.  Compliment few dishes that they gonna serve ahead.

World Heritage (new)
Do you know what is one of the World Heritage in Japan??  Very easy, of course the mighty Mount Fuji. This is where the idea of the dish come from.  That cone shaped stone with smoke come out on top is represented the Mount Fuji then to top all off, it also served with sand-like crumbs and roasted potatoes and mushrooms surrounds.  For the taste, this dish didn't win my heart.  The whole dish was a little too dry.  It needs some kind of sauce to combine them together.

Breakfast at TAKAZAWA (2008)

My second favourite dish of the night.  This is totally a champion dish.  From the beginning, we were gobsmacked  with their mouth-watering smell of smoke released.  Then when I put together all elements in my mouth, the crunchy potato chips, runny yolk, creamy thing underneath and touch of truffle, is just sensational, joy in my mouth .  This is definitely the finest way to enjoy a breakfast meal. 

A Moon-Viewing (new)
It was autumn at that time in Japan, surrounded with the beautiful colour of foliage.  The chef want to reflect that into his dish.  The fish was cooked to perfection and the sauce and purée were also tasted wonderful. But the deep fried battered special mushroom (I forgot what type of mushroom it was), the most memorable from this menu.  That earthy mushroom flavour is very unique and they have the right crisp too. 

Memory of TOKACHI (new)
Chef Takazawa travels extensively around Japan in searching for the best quality produces then bring them back to create a special imaginary dishes.  Like this Venison for example, it sourced from Hokkaido. The meat perfectly cooked, very tender and succulent.  It also served with the piece of venison's fat which bring the whole dish to an extraordinary level.  The crispy sweet potato chips and those mushrooms married well together.

Fanta Grape (2006)

I would say that Takazawa's dishes are very original and surprising.  Here another menu that got our mind questioning.  Those green grapes look just like ordinary grapes, in colour and shape.  But when I taste it, nothing like normal grapes.  It is more like eating a fizzy soda grape.  I don't know how he done it, he must injected some kind of soda juice inside that grapes.  Brilliant dish, very refreshing too for cleansing our palate before dessert menu.

Dessert wine

Tiramisu (2012)
After all sensational savoury dishes they had served us this evening, a little disappointment unexpectedly came from their dessert, the deconstruction Tiramisu dish.  The combination of ice cream, cream and crumbs together is tasted quite good.  However, the texture of the crumbed sponge itself was very gritty and although it is slightly moisted with the cream, it still leaves the dryness and graininess texture in my mouth. A little less pleasant dish to finish the top-knot meals this evening.

Petit Five
Dining here in Takazawa, had given me a memorable and marvellous experience.  The food they served is outstanding and unique while taste wonderful and look pretty on the palate as well.  Unlike dining in common fine dining restaurant, here more like another level of gastronomy experience

With Chef Takazawa
Sanyo Akasaka Building
2F, 3-5-2 Akasaka Minato-ku
Ph: 03 3505 5052

3 minutes walk from subway station (Akasaka, Akasaka-Mitsuke, Tameike-Sanno)

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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