23 January 2014

Lao Wedding (Part 2)

Lao Wedding (Part 1)

Gold and Jewelry from parents for the newly wed couple

Decorated Bed For Their "First Night"

Beautiful bride is getting ready for her BIG day

The groom and his family are parading from hotel to meet the bride at her house.  At the same time, all of the family members and the rest of followers started to form up a little carnival by joyfully chanting and singing Thai traditional songs along the way toward the bride's place.  Making this short walk so much joy and full of cheer.  The meaning behind this is (my Thai husband told me) because this is the beginning of their family life, the crowd gathering together wishing and blessing their journey ahead will be happy and blissful.  Or perhaps, to let the Bride's side know earlier that they are on their way so they can get ready.

Once the groom arrived at the front door, he was warmly greeted by the bride family.  Then as he walked into the first door, there are number of barriers protected by a lots of gatekeepers, tied with string or silver or sometime gold necklace even, between the bride's family and friends.  In order to pass these gates, he would need to pay up !!!  By giving an envelope filled with money to crack the gate down.  The fun part is, the gatekeeper can negotiate to get more money or ask him to do something special before letting him into the house.  The groom normally has no choice but to do it.  The richer the groom's family is, the more money they will ask for and the longer the gate is.  They surely need lots of money for a wedding, so better have it once and keep the marriage everlastingly.  Very fascinating and so fun to watch indeed.

Finally he has arrived in the main door to see the love of his life

The photo below just showing some of the ritual that they have to do in Lao-style wedding.

Congratulation to the wonderful couple

Outdoor reception

The bride and groom need to make a (Laos spirit and vodka) toast with every single table !!!  In a way to say thank you to their guests.  Notice that they both must be very strong drinker though, otherwise how drunk they would be if they have 50 tables to do so.  I personally would KO by the third shot !!  At the end, they were sober enough until the wedding end.

Suckling Cow

Self-Serve Papaya Salad

Handsome Cameraman

# I dedicated this blog to the wonderful couple, my brother-in-law and wife.  May your love grow for each other every day.

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