30 January 2014

Kong View Restaurant, Vientiane (2nd time here)

Loving this place so much in my first time dining there, so when we had a chance visiting Vientiane again, we make sure we have time for this place.  I love the dishes that they serve and also the ambiance in Kong View restaurant.  Nice place to dine with family or it makes a perfect place to hang out with friends as well with live band all along the dinner time.

Deep Fried Fish Fritters Stuffed with Egg Yolk

Deep Fried Minced Pork And Prawns ON Crispy Bread 

Deep Fried Mixed Pork & Rice Sausages

Som Tum (Papaya Salad) with Bull's Skin Crackling

Grilled Pork
Deep Fried Pork's Knuckle (served in hot plate) and Mashed Potatoes

The star for tonight's dish, definitely would crown to this Deep Fried Pork Knuckle.  It came from the unexpected food that my In-law ordered.  The flesh was very tender and juicy with crunchy crispy skin on the outside.  It is accompanied with three different dipping sauces: mayo, ketchup and special sauce, I cannot remember the name but it was the best one apparently.  And the mashed also taste good. 

All dishes were absolutely delicious.  Second time around in this restaurant yet not a single dish letting me down.  Highly recommended this place to everyone.

Keung Fish In Spicy And Sour Soup

Choc Chip Ice Cream

They selling some Lao Souvenirs as well

Kong View Restaurant
183 Souphanouvong Road,
Hom 1 Ban Nongpanay Sikottabong District
Vientiane, Lao PDR

Ph: (856-21) 520522

Our flight today is about 7:30am, we want to arrive a bit early so we can do some shopping perhaps at the airport.  Absolutely wrong choice!!!  We arrived there at Wattay International Airport, Vientiane at slightly after 5 am and it was totally empty and still dark.  I think we were the first person to be there beside the security though who just turned the lights on after he jolted seeing us.

Still noone at the check-in counter until about nearly 6 am
 After we checked in our luggages, we still need to wait again until the custom section has opened, they start much later.  What a nice experience!!!!

Yummy Spaghetti

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