14 January 2014

Bruny Island (Tasmania - Part 7)

Port Arthur (Tasmania - Part 6)

If you are visiting Tasmania, spare sometime to go to Bruny Island.  This place is a must to visit and the one that we love the most out of Tasmania.  The best way to go there is by driving on your own as you can visit as many places as you please.  From Hobart, you will need to drive down south to Kettering (about 30 kms) where the ferry terminal is.  The ferry departs at regular intervals throughout the day.  It is about 20 minutes ferry's took to across the sea.  Don't forget to grab the Island map before you depart.

So many things you could do and see in this tiny island.  First, we make a stop at Oyster farm, Get Shucked.  The freshest oysters we could ever get which come straight off from the farm in their backdoor.  Enormously huge oyster, very plump and juicy.  This is the best oyster I have ever eaten, stated!!!  Since then, I will never taste oyster the same way ever again.  And you don't need to pay big bucks for it.  They cost as cheap as $1 each if you buy a dozen of them or you could get half dozen for $7.  If you want to add lemon is 70¢ and they also have this homemade sauce for $9/bottle.  However, it's a little bit too big for us to buy the whole bottle but the guy kindly give us some to try.

Tasmanian Pacific Oyster
Tasmanian Pacific Oyster
Get Shucked
Bruny Island OystersLease 204, 1735 Bruny Island Main Road
Great Bay, North Bruny, Tasmania 7150
PH: 0428 606 250

Do a little bit exercising by climbing up this stair, but all paid out once you see the view from up there.  It was magnificent.  Indescribable with words, you have to see it with your eyes.

The Split
The Split

The only petrol station in the whole tiny island, so make sure you fill up your tank if you pass it.

I could say this is our lucky day as Berry Farm only open up to today and they will close for another 6 months for the winter season.  They serve an exceptional cafe-type food.

Cheese Croissant with Sun-Dried Tomatoes $8

Smoked Salmon Baguette $9

Left: Pancakes with Berries & Ice Creams $9.50 and Right: Meringue with Berry Coulis and Cream $5.50
 Bruny Island Berry Farm
550Adventure Bay Road, Bruny Island
Ph: 03 6293 1055

7 days a week, 10am - 5pm, until late April (close for the winter months)

We heard that in here, Bruny Island is the only place in Australia or perhaps in the world that you could find wild WHITE Wallabies or Albino Wallabies in their original habitat.  I asked the lady in the cafe, she said their normally everywhere, sometime even pop up in the cafe's backyard too.  But as probably today the weather wasn't that stable, rain then clear then rain again, so again she mentioned that they maybe hiding in their home which located in the back of the beach.

I deeply want to see them even just a glance, so we went to make a little journey to the unspoilt bush land behind that beach.  At first, I wasn't sure that I can meet them, but when I saw this little footprint on the sand, make me certain that we definitely getting there.  We keep tracking down the footprint and that leading us to this bush full of Wallabies.  I spotted one from far, I was jumpily happy, then once I get closer, there actually a whole clan of them living there mix with the ordinary Wallabies.  I'm so glad that we take a risk to come here.

Albino Kangaroo
Albino Wallabies

Before our trip ended, we made a quickie dinner at Sapa Rose.  As we had a great dinner here the other night, so we wanna try once more.  The food still taste excellent, however the service was a let down.  We got a different lady from the previous nite and she was rude and couldn't speak much English.  I asked for lemon and chilli as what I normally put on my Pho, but she wasn't that happy and said that "I shouldn't mix together cos is not goes well with Pho".  Come on!!!  I will put whatever my palate desire.

Beef Pho $10.80

Betel Leaf La Lot $8.80

Bye bye Tasmania

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