05 September 2012

A Day In Sydney - Chinese Garden of Friendship @Darling Harbour, Kura Restaurant and Lindt Chocolate Cafe

Sydney is such a beautiful, vibrant and explorable city, I would say.  Mild weather city with so many picturesque landscapes and heaps of fun activities to do, museums and art galleries plus thousand of restaurants to spoil you for a choice and yup the list goes on. 

Not only the city CBD that could offer you with those that I already mentioned, but most of Sydney suburb also has different and unique character on their own.  Its like you could find yourself in a total different country as we know that Australia is one of the multicultural country in the world where all the cultures co-existing in peaceful harmony and lots of the people still maintain and thriving their own traditional way and culture.  

Hence all of these factors has made Sydney a great city and so much fun to explore.  All of them would be too much too enjoy in just a day.  In this post, I have created an itinerary so called "Sydney One Day Trip", just a rough idea to spend a good day just around Sydney CBD.

So let's take a look at it and hopefully you guys will enjoy this post.  Octie Appetie...

Darling Harbour
The southern end of Darling Harbour, near the Sydney Entertainment Centre and adjacent to Chinatown.  
Telp: (02) 9240 8888
Admission fee: $6 Adult

It was one of the nice sunny day with cool and comfy breeze outside, we headed our way to Darling Harbour more specifically visiting the enchanting Chinese Garden Of Friendship there.  The entry is cost as cheap as $6 per adult and you can enjoy a whole day sightseeing there.  What I love the most about this place apart from its serenity, is that when you step inside the Chinese garden, you will feel like you have entered into a different world, hide away from hustling and bustling city and feeling so much relax and refresh.  Until you don't realise that you are actually right in the middle of the city !

Chinese influenced style garden complete with pavilion, waterfall and lotus pond.  Or maybe posting some photo shoot with the traditional Chinese costume and indulging in the yummy Chinese dishes in the old wooden teahouse.


Bamboo Forest


Fish pond

Oh hellooo there...

Main Pavilion

Kura Japanese Dining
Shop 3, 76 Ultimo Road
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9212 5661

Kura 3
6 Dixon Street
Ph: 02 9268 0016

Pretty normal to feel hungry after that long walk in the garden.  So not far from there, they have this my all time favourite Japanese restaurant.  When I say my all time fave is I really mean it cos I've been eating here for like more than 30 times, I think!!  The first and original shop they opened was in the Haymarket, typical Japanese bistro, very tiny located around the corner of Market City, serving authentic Japanese feast and they make the best chicken katsu-don and chicken karaage in town.  And few years ago they expanded in another places and now they have 3 restaurant in total.  That afternoon we had our lunch in their 3rd branch which just off the bridge next to the Chinese Garden.

Grilled Salmon Nigiri

Chicken Karaage

Pork Katsu Curry

Killer Chicken Katsu Don

Terikayi Salmon
All the food here are beyond superb, very authentic Japanese cuisine that you could ask for.  I've tried mostly all of them on the menu and nothing that I dislike.  The service is also friendly and attentive.  The price is VERY average too.  No reason that make us not coming back again and again and again...

Darling Harbour

We had abit of walk afterward, and on that day they had this special circus kinda event in Darling Harbour. They were House of Costello, Comedy show, and Performances.  So it pretty busy down here.

Lindt Chocolate Cafe
Shop 104-105, Cockle Bay Wharf
Ph: 02 9267 8064

We ended our day strong with this sweet treats at Lindt Chocolate Cafe, isn't it a great choice??  When it comes to chocolate dessert, everybody would already know what it would taste like.  and this Lindt guy is one of the best in the business.  So no need to explain about this bad boy in a word.  Only a simple thing I would say they were absolutely incredible as the chocolate is very smooth and sooo delicious...

Velour Cake (Chocolate Cheesecake) $12

Lindt Famous Chocolate Waffle $16.50

Hot Chocolate $7

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