18 July 2012

Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai - Day 7


Buffett breakfast @ The Legend Chiang Rai

Where's the places in the world that you can actually cross the boarder area of 3 countries in one day??  Where else on earth if not in here the Golden Triangle between Thailand, Laos and Burma.  We caught the small long-tail boat to cross the Mekong river to the border city of Laos, Donsao.  Not much that we can actually see in here, only a tiny town with small market selling very authentic and local stuffs.  Then, we visited Tha Khi Lek, Burma where we spent nearly all day for shopping madness.  Let me tell you guys, if you ever heard about Petaling in Malaysia for their cheap bargain fake brand name stuffs.  I have been to both of them and I can guarantee that this place in Tha Khi Lek is absolutely BETTER, BIGGER and CHEAPER too.  The market is very enormous and the price is ridiculously cheap (but you need your bargaining skill though).  In here, the fake brand name products divided into different levels, where the A graded is the best one and looks almost the same with the real one like you can't tell, but of course it comes with the price.  So, good luck hunting!!!!

My apologise, I couldn't show you any photo of the market, as you know Burma is still in developing country and quite poor and money pick-pocketing is normal there.  That's why I brought less valuable things with me including my camera and big handbag is a NO NO while shopping in there.  So yeah quite careful with that.

Apparently, this is no ordinary liquor like what we know.  The traditional snake whiskey and wine take the brew to another level.  The drink infused with a real snake, sometime cobra or even gecko, believed to enhance men's sex performance and health improvement.  Not surprise, the local make lots of money out of these stuffs.

Border view separated by Mekong river that flow from China

Buffet lunch @ The Border View Restaurant, Imperial Golden Triangle Hotel

Complimentary 'honeymoon' cake while we staying @ the Imperial Golden Triangle Hotel
Imperial Golden Triangle Hotel
222 Golden Triangle
Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai
Ph: +66 53 784 001

That's all folks for my Northern Thailand's journey and I was so regretted to not taking lots of photos at that time.  That's why here in my blog, I can't really give and picturised how beautiful and spectacular is Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.  But someday, I will definitely come back to this place and make sure I won't miss any single shot.. Stay tune guys for my next holiday blog in a very charming and off beaten track country, Laos.  But for now, Octie Appetie guys...

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