28 May 2012

Caysorn Thai, Haymarket

I'm pretty sure lots of Sydneysiders might ever experience Thai cuisine whether it is renown delicacy like Pad Thai, Green curry or even Massamun curry, etc.  But how many people would really know that in fact Thai cuisine is ultimately diverse throughout the region in term of flavour, style of cooking and ingredients used for some local dishes. 

Most of Thai restaurants in Sydney often and are heavily influenced by the way Thais dine on their daily routine such as street food and even home cook style.  I'll give you some example such as Chat Thai, Home and ThainaTown restaurants.  Perhaps, it s not too wrong to say that majority of the menus used in the Thai restaurant is a "Bangkok menu" and sometimes "Esan menu" (North East Thai).

New comer (It has been running for few months by the time I post this blog, I know I'm a bit slack) Caysorn is one of a few Thai restaurant in Sydney trying to break through the ceiling and offering the uniquely Southern Thai cuisine which renown for its spiciness, marinated and local ingredient such as Sator (Stink Bean or in Indonesian we called it Pete) and Kapi - Shrimp Paste (Terasi or more famous it's called Belacan)

Our friends introduced us this restaurant and today we decided to give it a go.  We went there for lunch on the weekday and restaurant was not too busy.  Their menus is loaded with Southern Thai delicacies and if you wanna come here just to grab some fast serve of those ordinary Thai dishes like Pad Thai or Tom Yum.  Well sad to say that then this is not probably the place for you.  No offend though !!

Alrite enough said ..   Let's see what we got for our lunch...  Octie Appetie guys...

Unlimited complimentary vegetables as your accompanion to go with Caysorn's signature dish Kanoom Jeen.  Apparently, these companions are good in reducing the spiciness when you got your tounge burnt from chilli.

Khanom Jeen Gaeng Gai $5.00 - Chicken curry with Thai rice noodle
 They house so many of my hubby childhood's favorite dish such as "Khanom Jeen Gaeng Keow Wan" which give you a little bit of afterburn but it just can not stop you from begging for more!!  Although the dish was relatively quite small but they have a big flavour and the heat from chilli that last long.  But somehow as I said before those mustard pickled helps to cool your burning tounge by bit.

Pad Gapi Sator $14.50
Some of their dishes are flexible in the level of spiciness, but honestly for me, the more spicy the dish is the better it would taste.  If you think you can handle the more-than-mild spicy level, advise the waiter if you want the dish to be cooked for Thais taste.  Because they normally tend to reduce the spiciness for foreigners. 

Sator..  It's a type of bean that has a really strong smell more likely to the stinky side and flavour as well so it's the thing that people would like it or would not even be close to it at all.  Pad Gapi Sator represent a truly Southern-Thai dishes.  I have seen lots of these aromatic ingredient in Indonesian and Malaysian cooking as they provide exotic and fragrant flavour to the dish.

Had Yai Fried Chicken $6.90
This chicken is the one I've looking forward to, simply because when I had them in Thailand they were absolutely mouth watering and beautiful.  But sadly today I couldn't find any 'wow' factor in this plate.  The chicken is pretty dry, maybe the result of over frying and the sticky rice and dipping sauce was pretty average as well.  So it's just an okay dish.

Kao Klook Kapi $10.50
This dish we both agree that deserved to be the best dish for our lunch today.  Rice mixed with shrimp paste (Kapi) and served with variety of condiments on the side like shredded green papaya, chopped snake bean and especially Moo Wan (caramelised pork), is the main highlight here.  I just wish, they make one dish that only serve that Moo Wan with rice.  What a sensational dish !!!  Totally loved it.

The way to eat is pretty straight forward.  Mix everything together so that you can have all the flavour from all elements.  Be careful, there's heaps of fresh chilli in there as well.

Pannacotta with Berry Coulis
The party could not be over without the dessert.  There isn't much choices of dessert like the others Thai restaurants in the city.  However, the pannacotta is seriously good and wobbling.  I really enjoy this dessert as it's tasted the way I like.  Not too sweet and silky smooth.

Cha Nom (Thai Milk Tea)

Khanom Pang Sangkhaya (Thai Style Bread and Pandan Custard)
Steamed or grilled is totally your call.  Unfortunately they didn't pull off this dish.  The bread was quite hard and too dry from my liking and the Sang Khaya was runny and a bit bland.  But for $5 (including Thai Milk Tea), couldn't complain much, could I ? 

Overall, we were pretty happy with the restaurant and their dishes even there were some that let them down.  Booking is not essential for lunch but you'll never know.  The food taste very authentic and well presented.  Make sure you try their Khao Klook Kapi and Cha nom (thai milk tea) for drink.  Perfect combination for a quick lunch.

Thank you for reading and hope you all enjoy this review.

Shop 106-108A, Level 1
8 Corner Thomas & Quay St.
Haymarket NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9211 5749

Open 7 Days 11am-10pm
Lunch • Dinner • Takeaway

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  1. The dishes do look quite different to what we're used to! Thanks for this review! :)