26 March 2012

Snacks Time in Melbourne (Day4, part1)

It was our last day in this beautiful Melbourne and we attempted to challenge our eating ability to fit some yummy snacks before heading back home..  On our wish lists today, starting with yummy breakfast at Lord Of The Fries then move on with some sweet indulgent Churros from Spanish Doughnut, since we satisfied with these two gorgeous snacks from our previous visit.  Later for lunch we gonna have the exotic Malaysian cuisine at Old Town Kopitiam.

Nuggets with Vietnam sauce
This chicken nuggets were pretty crispy as expected and this time we went for the Vietnamese topping sauce which was very appetizing and perfectly match with the nuggets.

I've noticed that nowadays they add alot more snacks on the menu like nuggets, onion rings and even burgers.  Maybe because the shop wants to offer more varieties but seriously, even just an ordinary plain hot chips with those clever, exotic dipping sauces would be more than enough to get me keep on coming back.  Sometimes less is more. Don't you think so ?????

Fries with African sauce
The main actor of LOTF is definitely their yummy dipping sauces, so much varieties to choose from to keep everybody's tastebud satisfied.  What can I say about their chips, it is obviously a hand-cut chips, quite chunky and crispy in a way and the dipping sauce is generously overflow on top like a hot lava ensuring your delightful until the last bit of it.  Few sizes available too from as small as they called it a sampler for $2.95 to the biggest one which come in a box for $6.95.

Lord Of The Fries
Corner Elizabeth Street & Flinders Street
Melbourne 3000
Also few branches across Melbourne.

Now, lets move on for some sweet delights...

Clockwise from top left: Spanish Hot Chocolate (Hazelnut flavour) $5.55, Churros with Chocolate sauce, Triple Cheese Churros
I absolutely have no idea what's going on with the weather, this year around I haven't felt any real Summer sun in Australia (no complain though, I like it that way).  It's like 27 December right in the middle of Summer, but here in Melbourne feeling like I'm in Europe or something with only less than 20 freakin' degree on midday.  Plus it was really windy and chilly to the max.  I've noticed that everytime I have churros here in Melbourne the weather was so brutally freezing and windy, I mean its good to sipping those hot rich chocolate and warm churros, but honestly, my chocolate dipping sauce just turn frozen in seconds... so instead of for dipping I just ate it like a chocolate bar LOL...

That's it for the complain, but for taste wise it's never ever disappointed me.  The churros was very light and crunchy and those chocolate sauce was to-die-for. 

On the other hands, those three cheese churros was nearly inedible, the dough was tough, abit burn and cold, the cheese inside was also hard and not melting-like as I expected it, I would say!!!

Spanish Doughnuts
9 Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9654 5577

Open: 7am - 10pm
7 days per week

PS: Thanks GOD!!!! Do you guys know that we don't have to fly over to Melbourne no more, just to enjoy this deadlicious sweets, because they newly opened one of their brand here in Sydney. YES!!! It is right in the Macquarie Shopping Centre (next to Events Cinema). Yuhhhuuuuu!!!!!

Those cafes on the laneways always be a charming place to dine for me.  Outdoor seats, under their gentle morning sun and the cool breeze while enjoying your favourite breakfast, isn't it sound lovely??  But with this trip I was be a little naughty and didn't really stick to the plan that's why I had no time to fit this cafe breakfast thing in my short trip this time.  And we heading for the Malaysian cuisine for our last meal instead....

Lotus cake with salted egg yolk inside

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