28 December 2011

Zenya Noodle Bar, Eastwood

This is one of the most authentic and also my favourite Japanese restaurant in Sydney besides the Kura restaurant in the city  (I'm really looking forward to blog this place "Kura" so just bare with me a bit longer guys!).  By saying the word "authentic", I mean it's a truly Japanese restaurant with Japanese chef and most of the waiters are Japanese as well.  You know what I mean rite !!!!  Sometimes when they said Japanese restaurant, it could be run by Korean.  No offend  ... , but not for this particular restaurant.

Japanese Green Tea
Beef Tataki
Well seared paper thin slices of beef so the inside still pink and juicy served with sliced spring onion, shallot and hint of citrus from the Ponzu dressing.  One of my favorite dish here to start off.


Spicy Miso Ramen (Pork Soup) $12.80 or Set $15.80
The brilliant thing with their ramen, I'd noticed is actually comes from the broth, its amazingly thick, full of flavour and so addictive, also their roast pork is tender to the max and merely melt in my mouth.  A good ramen would not be completed without a-must-have elements to accompany the already-yummy soup, and they are bean sprout, dried mushroom, nori sheet and spring onions as they just perfectly complimented the dish.

For any full size ramen ordered, you can add $3 for 3 pieces of gyoza or takoyaki.  What a great deal indeed !!

Dragon Roll $9.50
Extremely fresh made-to-order sushi roll with a BIG chunk of eel, avocado, and cucumber blanketed with the nori sheet and rice.
Ton Katsu Curry $14.80
Seriously, we are a true fan of this dish and Zenya never ever fail me on this !!  The curry dish was enormous, with huge pieces of pork katsu served on the bed of Japanese steamed rice then the mild and flavoursome curry sauce generously flooded on top.  The cutlet coated with breadcrumbs then deep fried to perfect golden brown to ensure its crispy yet tender in the inside.  I always like the Japanese rice, they are fluffy and not too dry.  Its well paired together with the fried stuff.  You just simply can't separate them.

Kogashi Ninniku Ramen $11.80, extra chilli 50c ( According to me, this is by far the best ramen in town)
I LOVE spicy food especially on hot ramen soup like this and in here I can actually add as much chilli as I please  (50 cents per pot though).  This bowl of ramen was extremely huge and those slightly burnt granulated garlic not only give them more aromatic and fragrant smell, but they also makes everything tastier.

If you are type of person who like to try few different things in a meal, I suggest that you go for the mini set menu.  Choices between mini Donburi and mini Ramen or mini Donburi with mini Curry plus you will get a scoop of ice cream and soft drink.  Conversely if you are a big eater and can handle the outsized meal, no worries there is option available to satisfy you, which is a set of bento box with varieties of main meal selections to choose from and comes with miso soup and rice, adding only $5 and you will get the mini ramen as well.  So which one is suit for you????

217 Rowe Street
Eastwood NSW 2122
Ph: (02) 9874 2122

Opening Hours:
LUNCH  : 11:30am - 3pm
DINNER : Sun-Thu   5:30pm - 9pm
                      Fri & Sat 5:30pm - 9:30pm

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