22 December 2011

Port Douglas

Early morning, I got a text msg from Jetstar informing that our flight back to Sydney were going to be delayed until the next filght (well not a surprise anymore) which we actually prefer.  I was springed out of the bed...  Got so excited!!!  We quickly get ready for our unexpected-trip to Port Douglas.  People suggested me to visit this place but we don't have enough time for this before, but since our flight was postponed so we can make it yayyyyy.....  Thank you Jetstar..  Sometimes bad news can bring a better thing to your life, don't you think so??

So we cleared out all the check-out process in a speed then rang the car hired company.  After that, we then got this little Kia Ria sedan car for $60 to drive up on one of the most beautiful scenic drive in Australia.  On the way cruising along to Port Douglas, the view was realllly spectacular, its like a postcard surrounding me, tropical breeze with lots of coconut tree along the road side.  I was really enjoy sightseeing it and took heaps of photos. 

In fact, we didn't have much time in Port Douglas, only a couple of hours since we had to rush back for our flight back home.  However, we managed to spend a little bit of good time to sneak into its famous Sunday Market.  This is a must thing not to be missed while you're up there.  Market is held every Sunday from 8 am to around 1:30 pm in Anzac Park.  Here you will find lots of local art and crafts, tropical souvenirs (no need to go overseas), heaps of clothing and accessories, cookware to fresh produces and more.  Here you also be able to enjoy the super fresh coconut juice from the real fruit that cracked open right in front of you to calm you down in hot balmy day.

Feel like I am in Bali

Tiny elegant Wedding Chapel by the sea

On the way back to Cairns, we just pulled over for abit because of those Hang-riders catched our attention (but we didn't try it though, I am a chicken sometimes, admit that).  Something also very interesting here, there was one local guy selling coconut drinks and 'The Works', which actually comes from the concept of having yourself refreshed from drinking the freshly picked coconut juice, then you also can eat the grated coconut meat from it and mix with chopped banana and strawberry, HANG ON !!  Still not even finished yet !!!  It then drizzled with sweet honey on top..  Really good in the hot sunny day like this.  I think, one is enough for sharing between the two of us as we got the juice and 2 half of the meat and cost only $8.

I strongly recommend to everyone who's going to visit Cairns to spare 1 quality day driving up to Port Douglas especially on Sunday as they have market there.  It only takes around 2 hours driving from Cairns and the view over there is absolutely breath-taking.  Port Douglas is just a small little town lies on the coral sea side, still not much population but pretty busy with tourist coming to explore this charming city.  Heaps of gorgeous looking restaurants and cafes, absolutely nice to walk around the city for a day or two.  For us, Cairns and Port Douglas is truly heaven, worth visiting and where the rainforest meets the sea.

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