16 August 2011

Home Thai Restaurant

Another great place for casual dining, this time is an authentic thai restaurant which always become packed with hungry humans when dinner time started. So we came early about 5.30 pm to avoid those crowd, but it seems we didn't get there quick enough and we still need to wait around 10 minutes as the tables were full already.

Here we go!!! Let me show you what we had for that nite. Octie-Appetie...

Hoi Jor $ 8.50
Deep fried pork, crab meat, and water chestnut wrapped with bean curd and served with sweet plum sauce.

Pad Thai Keaw Krob $ 10.90
Like the normal Pad Thai, but they use deep fried wonton instead of rice noodles which give them a more crunchy texture as a compliment for the its delicious sauce. I much prefer this dish rather than the ordinary Pad Thai.

Tom Saab $ 11.50
Spicy and sour soft bone pork soup with touch of thai herbs and coriander. The hotness from heaps of chillies and tanginess from tamarind are just right to give this 'kick' in this cold wintery day.

Kor Moo Yang $ 13.50
Grilled marinated pork neck served with nam jim jiew and fresh vegetables. Nam jim jiew is pretty much a mixture of chili powder, sugar, ground rice, lime juice, and  fish sauce. Popular for many Eastern Thai dishes.

Pa Thong Ko (cant remember how much exactly, but I think it's about $ 5.50)
Pa Thong Ko is deep fried Thai-style donuts which normally served with Sang Khaya (pandan-flavoured coconut custard) and condensed milk. I wish that I could have more of those Sang Khaya.

Cha Nom (Thai Milk Tea)
Shop 1-2, 299 Sussex Street, Sydney 
Ph: 02 9261 5058

Trading Hours:
Lunch: 11am - 5pm
Dinner: 5pm - 10:30pm

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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone out there actually check out my blog??

  2. I just have, thanks for the nice pics, going there soon for dinner :)

  3. Amazing food! :)