15 August 2011

Day 9 - Jump Show and Mr. Pizza for dinner

It's gonna be a short one this time.. So, Octie-Appetie...

Breakfast Buffet @ Ibis Hotel KRW 16,500 (AU$ 15)

It's only been a week since we left home but I miss my bacon and eggs breakie already. As we had no plan on that morning, my instinct instantly told me to have this buffet breakfast in the hotel. Next thing I know, we already seated in the Ibis hotel restaurant and when I went for the first round of food hunting I couldn't see any bacon there. Maybe I just overlooked, so I paid more attention on my second round, still... no sign of any bacon!!! Thus, I ordered the waitress for bacon... Once we got them, I was completely disappointed. Those strips of bacon were totally dry, missing the fatty part and overcooked. What a bacon without the fatty part??? For me, It's called 'Ham'.. Anyway, the unlimited smoked duck and mix-your-own Udon were spot on. Especially, those croissants were champion. They were freshly baked, soft in texture and very rich in taste.

Today been a very lazy day for us, after breakfast we just relaxed and chilled out in the hotel room while waiting for our Jump show tonight. Excited!!!!!

White Chocolate Dream Latte (The Coffee Bean) KRW 5,800 (about AU$ 5.30)
I'm a huge fan of flavoured-latte and this one is so addictive. Big flavour comes from this little latte drink. Yumm...

Jump Show
Ph: +82 2722 3995 for the quick reservation

Admission Fee:
R-seat KRW 50,000
S-seat KRW 40,000 (about AU$36.35)

We asked Ibis hotel concierge to book for us. Luckily, we got special price only KRW 36,000 (about AU$ 32.70).

This a must-watch musical comedy show, especially when you are in Korea. The first shoe hit the stage in July 2003 ever since it has been incredible famous in Korea and also success internationally. The show is very dynamic and innovative that incorporates Korean traditional martial arts, Taekwondo and Taekkyeon. Roughly, its story tells us about 2 unlucky robbers sneaking into the house of a family full martial art experts who have to defend their house from invaders. The show is not only hilariously entertaining but it also contains lots of spectacular high-kicking and back-flipping action.

Sourced from http://visitkorea.or.k/

Mr. Pizza
Around Myeong Dong
(Its normally shown on the tourist map)
Top: Garlic Bread KRW 1,800/4 pieces (AU$ 1.60) and Bottom: Omiribs Pizza KRW 29,700 (about AU$27)

 Sounds a bit pricey for $27 pizza, but actually quite worthed cos it comes with 1 coke (refillable) and salad bar that heaps of choices, such as chicken caesar salad, sweet potato salad, pasta salad, potato salad, tuna salad, Korean glass noodles salad, kimchi and plenty more. For the pizza crust, we can choose from classic pan, soft cream cheese, mozarella cheese, or sweet potato paste. We had this Omiribs pizza which was basically pizza topped with pumpkin, garlic, pork ribs and BBQ sauce with soft cream cheese crusty-pan.

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