19 July 2011

Bourke Street Bakery and Wollongong

It was a lovely day to drive around. Sunny weekend with autumn breeze what can be better. We stopped at Bourke Street Bakery to get some breakie before another one and half hour ride to the Nantian temple.

Anzac Bridge

Bourke Street Bakery
633 Bourke Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 9699 1011
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 07am-06pm
                                Sat-Sun 08am-05pm

The thing you need to know for this extremely famous lil' bakery shop beside of their marvelous baked goods is to beware of the long queue but anyway they move quick. When we drove around looking for car park, glancing the front of the shop, I was so happy when saw that the shop was not that busy (as pict above), this the first time actually I've seen this quiet, but unfortunately we had to park our car first and when we came back, seems like everyone just turned up at the same time... but they moved pretty quick and really worth the wait.

Large Hot Chocolate $4.50

Raspberry & Sour Cream Brioche $5

Passion Fruit Meringue Tart $4

Top: Ginger Brulee Tart and Bottom: Chocolate & Raspberry Tart

Chicken Sandwich

Nan Tien Temple
180 Berkeley Road, Berkeley
Ph: 02 4272 0600

This Chinese temple is located in the City of Wollongong, approximately 80 km south of Sydney. Best way is to drive as there are many lookouts and other places to visit along the way to Wollongong. Alternatively, from Central station, catch the train to Unanderra station and take a walk for about 15 minutes or get off at Wollongong station and then take a bus to Nan Tien Temple.

Tea House, Nan Tien Temple

Lotus Tea $4.50

Vegetable Minced and Ham Dry Noodle $11

Vegetable Drumsticks (3 pcs) $7.50 

Steamed Dumplings (6 pcs) $9.90

An Old-Time Photo...

So, Octie-Appetie...

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