14 June 2011

Day 2 - Hong Kong Island, The Peak and Temple Street Market @ Night

Today we planned to explore the whole day in the Hong Kong Island. As we knew that we would have to spend the rest of the day walking, so first of all we gotta fill our stomach up with some yummy food especially with those egg tarts that I've been craving for a very long time..

Honolulu Cafe
G/F & Mezz Floor, 176-178 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Open: 6am - 12am

Egg Tart HK$ 6 each (AU$0.77) , Pineapple Bun with Sliced Butter HK$ 7 (AU$0.90), and Chicken Sandwich HK$ 16 (AU$2.05)

Signature Milk Tea HK$16 (AU$2.05)

After satisfied my crawling tummy and the food just as what I expected, we then headed to The Monument in Commemoration of the Return of Hong Kong to China and The Golden Bauhinia Statue which are situated just right outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It took us around 10 minutes walk.

The Golden Bauhinia Statue

Then We continued our walking journey to The Peak Tram Terminal which took us nearly 30 minutes. Well, it actually was not that far but we just stopped and had some rest for awhile in a park during the way. See how unfit we were, but I rather choose to put the blame on the mid-day sun and hilly landscape.

Upon arrival to the terminal, we glanced a massive crowd queuing right outside the ticket counter. Smartly, we used the Octopus Card for Tram and Sky Terrace entry, making us felt some kinda privilege cos we don't need to line up buying the ticket. Just Swipe and Go.. And ready to board on the tram.

The Peak Hong Kong

Outlook from Sky Terrace, The Peak

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co
Shop 304 & 305, Level 3
The Peak Tower, 128 Peak Road
The Peak, Hong Kong
Tel (852) 2849-2867  Fax (852) 2849-2670

This restaurant is inspired by the Forrest Gump movie, story about a boy with low IQ who is trying turn everything that happens to him into good. Anyway... back to my story now, once we had been seated, the waiter explained us how these signs (above picture) on our table actually work. Whenever you need an immediate service, just flip over into the red sign and the waiter will promptly attend at your table. On the other hand, if the blue plate is shown on the table, the staff will acknowledge that you require some privacy and you wouldn't be disturbed.

Left: PingPong-style drink menu

Peach and Mango Margarita HK$78 (AU$ 10)

Can't remember what this drink's name, it was on special and we could bring this glass home for freebie.

Onion Rings HK$78 (AU$10) and Shrimp's Net Catch(seasoned with Cajun spices) HK$148 (AU$ 19)

Really nice onion rings, crunchy and come with addictive dipping sauces. For the Shrimp, don't like it at all, it was tasteless and too dry for my liking.

Shrimp's Net Catch HK$ 148 (AU$19)
 Chilled Shrimps, Fried Shrimps, Spicy Chicken Strips, Hush Pups and Popcorn Shrimps

Love these spicy chicken strips though a lil' bit tough and those fried fellas were pleasantly delicious. Overall, the meal we had was not that great comparing to what we paid for but however, the view from the restaurant is absolutely spectacular and breathtaking so at least we didn't feel rip off. Moreover, we also got a free shaker for souvenir as well.  

Tai Cheong Bakery
35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Telp: +852 2544 3475
Opening Hour: Mon-Sat 07.30am-09.00pm
                               Sun & public holiday 08.00am-09.00pm

Tai Cheong Bakery Front Shop and Egg Tart HK$ 5 (AU$ 0.65)

We tried to sneak peak from my hectic schedule to go to Central where is the yummiest bakery store located. A well-known egg tart from Tai Cheong Bakery. They used the shortcrust pastry which is in Hong Kong they called it cookie pastry. The pastry is crumbly and has that buttery taste with really smooth custard in the middle, still warm and wobbly. For me, I still prefer the flaky puff pastry egg tart, on the other hand my husband found this was the best egg tart he ever had by far.

I also bought the Seaweed Rolls in a box, HK$100 for 4 boxes. Its a crunchy egg rolls covered with seaweed sheet. Tastes weird at the beginning because of the sweet-flavoured egg roll mix with the saltiness of seaweed, but after few bites, I addicted to it. What a well-married combinations!!!


Inside MTR

Dai Pai Dong at Jordan
Opposite the Evergreen Hotel
Woosung Street, Jordan, HK

Dai Pai Dong is an open-air food stalls that's very popular for local dining in Hong Kong. This type of place just sounds right for me. After tired shopping along the Temple Street Market, we decided to head back to Jordan station from woosung street. We saw this huge no air-conditioned food-court like with a massive crowd enjoying their dinner. At the first glance, we weren't quite sure about this place since there were none of english words and afraid of being lost in translation. For the food sake and my personal believe that we wouldn't have arrived that country, if we don't try their local delicacies and blend in with the way the local's dine, so why wouldn't we give it a go, my inner voice was telling me that!! My advise is wherever you go, Please don't be afraid to try any home-grown restaurant that's catch your eyes. Luckily, we made the right decision to cut all our fears and walked into the shop. I would say that this was the best meal I had in Hong Kong.

The service was surprisingly friendly. The best service that I got while I was in Hong Kong. Funny story, there was this waiter who spoke no english, when he served the food to our table and he pointed to my camera that I put on the table. My first thought was no photo allowed here. But he repeatedly pointed and showed the body language that he about to take a picture of us. I was in shocked but happily let him took the photo for us. Something that we didn't expect at all. Another lady also promptly keep pouring the beer before our glass even empty.

The food.. OMG!! The roast pork and roast duck were incredibly delicious, the meat was succulent and juicy. The well-balanced plum sauce enhanced the roast dish to its perfection.

San Miguel Beer HK$15/bottle of 640ml (AU$1.90) and Roast Duck & Roast Pork HK$60 (AU$7.70)

Stir fried chinese broccoli (kailan) with garlic HK$ 30 (AU$ 3.85)

This sounds just like a simple boring chinese vegetable dish, but what can I say!!! It just the right saltiness, right texture, right oiliness, right garlicky and most of all it just the right compliment for the meaty dish.

This is what it looks from inside. So if you spot this place, no hesitation, just jump in.

So, Octie-Appetie....

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