02 June 2011

Day 1 - Flight Journey and My First Ever Dinner in Hong Kong

We flew with Cathay Pacific and took us about 9 hours to get there. The seat and food were nice, that's the most important thing, isn't it!! And the service was not bad at all.

Clockwise from top left:
  • Oporto Double Bondi Burger for breakfaast @ Sydney International Airport
  • Chicken Cashew Nuts with rice and Brownies (first meal)
  • Fried Noodle with Chicken and Black Bean Sauce (second meal) and Mango Ice Cream Yogurt
  • Beef with Mashed Potatoes and steamed vegies (first meal)

Once we arrived Hong Kong airport after a long flight with 2 movies and 3 episodes of Jamie Oliver "30 minutes meal", I got headache cos didn't sleep at all. My bad.. I really need a fresh air. The custom was done smoothly and we got our bag pretty quick. Now we ready to Rock 'n Roll....

As this is our first time ever in Hong Kong so we grab all the brochures and map from the tourist information counter just right outside the gate after we pass the custom. We decided to catch Airport Express Train (MTR) as it's really convinient and stops only at 3 stations from airport to Tsing Yi station, Kowloon station and Hong Kong station. It takes approximately 30 minutes from International Airport to Kowloon station. We bought the ticket from their own counter, it's cost us HK$140 one way for 2 people to Kowloon station, that's also include free shuttle bus to some major hotels. It's cheaper than using the Octopus Card (just for this case), that will cost us HK$ 90 per person. However, the price for this Airport link is basically depend on how many people are you travelling with and where the destination is (so for example for 1 person only travelling to Kowloon station won't cost you $70 as it works out from $140 divided by 2) It will be bit more expensive. Hope this makes sense...

Octopus card is a must have if you are travelling on your own as this can be used for paying the transportaion, parking and also accepted in the convenient stores, fast food outlets, etc. You can easily top-up the Octopus card at any MTR stations and convenient stores all across Hong Kong and many other locations as well. Please check their website or click here for further information.

The Stanford Hillview Hotel (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Observatory Road on Knutsford Terrace
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Telp: (852) 2722 7822

With the Airport Express Train, we have to get off at the Kowloon Station  then follow the sign for free shuttle bus services and catch bus number K4. They stop right infront of Empire Hotel which is about 2 minutes walking from there. The shuttle bus service is very prompt and they normally depart every 10 to 15 minutes.

The room is clean.. You get as what you see from their website's pictures. Though you better let them know your preference room type especially for double bed because me and my husband check in together but they still gave us twin bed room.The let down part of this hotel was the location is situated at a very steep hill. So everytime we came back after long day tours or shopping and this hilly walk way that we have to climb before our hotel, we felt double tired just by looking at it.

Delicious Catering
9 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui

Rice with Stewed Pork and Preserved Vegetable HK$ 36 (AU$4.60)

This dish reminds me of my mom cook. The pork was really tender and tastes great. My first dish already blew my mind away, can't wait to explore the food that this country has to offer..

Oil rice with Smoked Duck's Breast

Coffee Milk Tea (hot) $10 (AU$1.28) and Ovaltine (cold) $13 (AU$1.67)

For me nothing special for this milk tea, taste average with bit of bitternes. However this milk tea is one of the signature drink in Hong Kong, nearly available in every restaurant throughout Hong Kong. So give it a try... Eventhough didn't really give me the 'kick' but I still had this milk tea for couple of times while I'm in there. Anyway still prefer Ovaltine drink and Horlick (new drink that I found and I love it since then)

# For anyone who don't know what is Horlick drink I'll explain further more in the next blog

7 Eleven
Top: Starbuck in a bottle at 7eleven (so tempting) and Bottom: Hot food in 7 eleven

I ust wish that 7 eleven in Australia would be like this that selling ready-to-go hot food sort of things...

Jagabee is one of the snack that I got from 7 eleven. From the first bite, I knew it right away that I'm falling in love with this shoyu-taste chips. They actually have 2 different flavours which are original and shoyu-flavour. Original-flavour Jagabee tastes a bit plain. The funny story was that on my last day in Hong Kong I wanna buy this Shoyu Jagabee to bring back to OZ so I went to every single 7 eleven I came across but unfortunately they all ran out. So dissapointed!!!! But luckily after nearly giving up, I found this little shop that selling only Japanese snacks and they have it. Thanks God!!!!

So Octie-Appetie, guys...

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