25 June 2018

Le Banneton Cafe, Luang Prabang


Today is our last day in Luang Prabang.  We spent our time in the city and relaxed sitting down at the one busy cafe that we had an eye of since day one.  In the morning as breakfast is included so we went for the authentic fresh spring rolls and noodle soup.  Then around mid-morning, we went straight to Le Banneton Cafe on the Sakhalin Road, not too far from our hotel.  I really can't miss this cafe, they seem always busy with customers. 

Pistachio raspberry tart and chocolate eclair

grilled chicken baguette with fresh salad on the side

hot chocolate
Their drinks were superb, especially that hot chocolate.  For their sweets, it was a good combination of pistachio and sour raspberry tart.  Chocolate eclair is pretty average.  But, that grilled chicken taste wonderful although the bread is a little to hard and chewy.  I didn't manage to try their croissant as much as I want it but my tummy was extremely full by then.

Le Banneton Cafe, Luang Prabang
03/46 Sakhalin Road, Ban Killy Luang Prabang
Ph: +856 30 57 88 340

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