06 June 2018

Last night in Xishuangbanna


Local morning market

Aini traditional set lunch

Tai Lue style temple
This Dai style temple is pretty similar in architecture and style with Thai temple.  One of another must influenced each other.  According historian, Northern Thai people actually came from Southern part of China.  That probably makes sense.  Because not only the food, house style, they also share similar language as well.

Next, we visited the biggest Pu Er Cha (or Puer tea) brewing company on the way back to Meng La.  Not only tasting the tea, we also can admire the tea leaves that they dried and make as an art.  For examples, as 3D picture in frame and the UNESCO (the biggest) round tea monument made purely from tea leaves.

sampling the tea brews

Last night here in Xishuangbanna, we just had a nice local street food with our guide.  She took us to the local Meng La spicy noodle and skewers.  It was a balmy night but with good companions and great food, I couldn't complain nothing.

Until we see you again Xishuangbanna.  Bye for now and Octie Appetie...

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