02 December 2017

Nong Khai, Thailand


If you were here in Nong Khai, please do not miss this Namnueng shop, called Daeng Restaurant.  This place serve the best Namnueng in town as you can see how pack the restaurant is.  They open for lunch and dinner.  Namnueng is a Vietnamese fried sausage, it also comes in boiled version.  The way to eat is by rolling the slices of sausage in the wetted rice roll, added some fresh leave vegetables and condiments.  Then dipped into some kind of peanut sauce.  The beginning of mastering the rolling art may be a little hard, but once you get used to it, you will know how much amount of filling you need to put in most without breaking the thin rice roll.

Daeng namnueng restaurant

Very pack at lunch time

Nong Khai walking street
If you were there in Saturday night, again don't miss this night walking street along the Mekong River.  Full of delicious and cheap street food, range of souvenirs and some fun activities for kid.

View from the restaurant inside Sam Oar Guesthouse

Salad with imitate crab meat

Thin slice of pork for shabu shabu

dipping sauces

Fortunately here in Nong Khai, we have a friend who own a hotel in the best location and they let us stay for free.  Although it is more like a guesthouse but the people are very friendly and helpful, the room is also clean.  Inside the resort, they also have a Shabu shabu restaurant.  They serve the super fresh meat, very tender and juicy while cooked in the tasty broth and nice compliment from the dipping sauces.  The sitting was facing the mighty Mekong river and at night with all the lighting was so romantic.

For breakfast in the morning, they specially brought us some local delicacies to nibble from market near by.  And in the house itself they provide a few choices of breakfast such as: Pork or chicken or prawn rice porridge, Vietnamese style bread roll served with sweet or savory filling.  They are all delicious.  I am very grateful and thankful for their kind hospitality and free food as well.

Khanom Paak Mor - Vietnamese style rice roll with meat and mushroom filling

Rice porridge with minced pork

Vietnamese style bread roll

Daeng Namnueng Restaurant
526-527 Moo 4, Rim Khong Road, Nong Khai
Ph: +66 42 460 647

Nong Khai walking street
Every Saturday night 4pm-10pm

Sam Oar Guesthouse and Resort
43 Sam Oar Friendship Songfungkhong Hotel
Kaeo Worawoot road, Nong Khai
Ph: +66 42 646 718

Stay tuned for the next end of the year trip:
Vang Vieng, Laos

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