02 November 2017

Pino Latte Resort And Cafe


In the top of the mountain, fresh breeze, chilly wind.  An early morning accompany with a hot cup of coffee and a piece of cake with a million dollars view.  What more can I ask?  This Pino Latte Cafe got the hot spot and landscape.  They also provide limited huts to stay as well, however it comes with a bit of price compared to any other resorts around the town.  But of course we need to pay something for this amazing view, right  And the rooms fill up very quick, as they only have 5 luxury rooms.  It is a modern style resort with a nice design.

The cafe itself will get crowded around Thai public holiday.  Otherwise, any other weekdays is the better time to visit this place.

Pino Latte Resort And Cafe
Ph: +66 87 099 4497

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