21 November 2017

Morning Activities In Chiang Khan


Early morning around 5:30 am, we were waiting in front of our resort to saibat (give good merit for monks through food).  In Chiang Khan, it is their tradition that every morning to do saibat.  Locals and tourists lined up along the street waiting the group of monks walk pass from 9 different temples in the area.  Unlike in any other part of Thailand, in here they have a specific rule to give only sticky rice and some dry snacks.  It would be good and convenient to order the saibat set from the resort you stay.

After fulfill our physiological needs, we then need to fulfill our physical needs with delicious goodies.  There is no breakfast provided in our resort (most of resorts are the same).  However, they will give you a breakfast coupon to be used in ร้านซอยซาว ข้าวเปียกเส้น (Ran Soi Sau).  The restaurant is located opposite Chic Boutique hotel and next to Wat Tha Krok.  You can have one serve of main meal to choose from Khai Krata (Vietnamese-style egg in the pan), Khao tom (rice porridge), or Khao piak (Laotian noddle soup).  It comes with unlimited patongko (Chinese fried bread stick), white bread and condiments plus make-your-own coffee or tea or milo drinks.

self-service section

Patongko with condensed milk

Khao tom with pork

Khao piak

Khai kata

ร้านซอยซาว ข้าวเปียกเส้น
4 Chai Kong, Tambon Chiang Khan, Amphoe Chiang Khan, Chang Wat Loei

Stay tuned for the next end of the year trip:
Wat Phar Pu Korn and Wat Pa Tak Suer

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