24 May 2017

Siem Reap Day 2: Angkor Wat

Siem Reap Day 1 (Part 2): Pub Street

Just before 4 am we already left our hotel with Tuk Tuk that we booked in advance.  As we want to make it watching early morning sunrise in Angkor Wat.  We need to make a brief stop at Angkor Wat ticket booth to get our passes.  There are a few range of passes from one day or three days or even 7 days passes to be used in consecutive days.  The one day pass that we got cost us $20.

When we arrived, people were there already waiting for sunrise
We didn't join the crowd waiting that orange Sun to pop out, hence we explore the inside temple first when still not much people in there.  Then by the time we were out from the temple, we still can see those beautiful orangey reflection of the Sun with the magistic Angkor Wat background.

Apsara statue

Golden light

Beautiful morning sun with Angkor Wat as a backdrop

Brilliant artists are around trying to capture those beauty with hands

Take away breakie from hotel
Stay tuned for the next blog still in Angkor Archaeological Park:
Siem Reap Day 2 (Part 2): Angkor Thom, Bayon, And Ta Prohm 

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