15 August 2016

Day 3 of Northern Thai Trip: Maesa Elephant Camp

Day 2 of Northern Thai Trip (Part 2): Amora Tapae Hotel Chiang Mai and Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Maesa Elephant is the largest elephant's home in Northern Thailand, in here elephants have been looking after very well.  With one mahout(trainer) for each elephant.  There is also a nursery for the elephants with high fertility rate, which is a good sign that the elephants are mentally and socially healthy.  For me, the elephants here look the happiest among any elephant camps that I have ever been before.  You can see when the mahouts take elephants to take a bath, elephant painting, dancing and also elephant riding. 

Elephant feeding

Elephant gives you a hat

Elephant bathing and pooping
By the way, there are a few ladies standing a few meters away from them at the downstream picking up elephant's poops.  So, no worries the river is clean.

Elephant painting

Elephant riding
Stay tuned for the next blog still in Chiang Mai:

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