29 August 2016

3 Days 2 Nights Trip With Hongkong Airline Business Class (Lounge And Hotel Panorama By Rhombus)

Whenever we travel with business class airline, always make the journey feels a lot shorter.  With a special promotion of Hong kong airline at that time, we definitely need to catch this bargain.  Starting the trip with separated counter, fast and prompt.  We then chilling out in the lounge before our plane departed. 

Once we were up in the air, our little one apparently is more excited than us.  He keeps slide up and down the partition and found his own play hole which actually the foot rest.

His play hole

Business class entrée

Business class meal

Business class dessert

8A Hart Ave, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3550 0688
Stay tuned for the next blog still in Hong Kong:

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