25 June 2016

Europe Part 16: FC Barcelona And Tapas

Europe Part 15: La Ramba, Christopher Columbus Monument and Cruising Around Port Vell

Another place to visit is of course FC Barcelona, located in the city and not so far from our hotel by metro, so why not.  There were not any game nor training held that day or probably we came too late.  However, don't want to talk bulls*it, I think I got a glimpse or more than a glimpse of Messie.  The thing is, at that time was quite dark and we didn't come in from the main gate, more like side gate toward back door and at that time I was right at the last to go through the gate.  All the boys were inside already and there were these couple, looking nice and elegant, the guy wearing a black suit and girl was on evening dress with a dark coat.  They were walked pass me, smiled and gone toward the back of stadium.  At first, I didn't even think anything, it was probably just another westerner or someone else as I wasn't football fan and never actually see Messie face.  However, when my brain start working and I mentioned this to my husband and in-law, they then showed me the picture of Messie which is everywhere in stadium and store actually, and I am pretty sure like 99.999% it was definitely him.  I was very very disappointed, it would be nice to get an autographed or even photo with him eventhough I wasn't a big fan of soccer, but the boys would love to take some photos with him though, yet until now they still don't kinda believe my story.  Phewww...

Another a-must-try cuisine in Spain is tapas.  A few different type of small serving dishes that perfect to be enjoyed with beers and good company.   

Calamari, Frankfurt, and others 

Crème catalana


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