03 March 2016

Vietnam Part 2: Hanoi in One Day

Vietnam Part 1: Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel, Hanoi

In-Room Breakfast 

Beef Pho from Pho 24 (49,000)

You haven't been to Hanoi, if you haven't tried their national dish which is Pho Beef.  It is a hearty noodle soup that comes with herbs, thinly sliced raw beef that will be cooked instantly on those hot broth.  For me the good Pho dish is base on their broth.  Some restaurants do a very good broth which is flavorsome and full of spice.  However, in this restaurant, they serve a pretty standard Pho dish, nothing outstanding.  I would say lack of flavor even.  We just haven't found the good pho dish yet maybe in our next trip as this time is too short and we didn't have much time on the street.
Ps: it is pretty common that they will charge for tissue paper.

Hoan Kiem Lake (Turtle Lake)
We only have one day in Hanoi, this is what we can get in a day.  Stroll around Hanoi town, visit Hoan Kiem Lake and Old Quarter.  It only takes about 10 - 15 minutes by foot from our hotel to Old Quater.  However, in the afternoon is nothing much to see in Old Quarter.  This area will turn into buzzling and crowded place at night, where markets are all open their doors and night food vendors serving their best dishes for locals and tourists.  In that narrow street, I can hear the horn from motorcycle and cars, people are shouting everywhere (mean to just talking , but loud voice is needed as environment pushed).  Very very fascinating area.

Million of cars, motorcycles and bicycles even thousand of pedestrians are flooding into this area at night.  The thing that excite me the most is when crossing the street.  Everyone look pretty relax and used too but I'm just shaking my legs off.  There is no zebra cross nor footbridge.  My Vietnamese friends mention that you just need to look front only and you will be safe.  But luckily, everytime I saw a big group about to cross the road, I quickly jump in and crossing the road together.  I think that would be the safest, those cars will definitely can see and stop for us.

Ngoc Son Temple

In the evening, with a nice weather, not so hot and not so cold, locals use this park to play roller blade, riding bicycle and lots of teenagers just chilling out in groups.  This place are for everyone, family friendly and teenager friendly too.

Hanoi Old Quarter Market

Shop after shop

I always wanted to try their local dishes while sitting on these low chairs just like the way local do.  In this night market around Old Quarter will give so many options.  We landed in one of the local barbeque shop.  Outdoor and surrounded with passing cars and people.  The food taste was alright but the feeling was amazing with one or two bottles of beer, we went like "Awww, what time is it now!!"

Bbq beef and fried chicken for 450,000 dong and saigon beer (30,000/bottle)

Fried chicken 30,000dong

What to not be missed at night market is this Bahn Mi.  This bread dish is originated from France then they adapted with Vietnamese flavor.  They use the France baguette, crispy outside and soft in the inside and fill it with pate', meat of your choice (spam, shredded chicken, BBQ pork or so on) then salad, sauce, and you also can add extra egg.  It's like having a firework inside your mouth.  Everything shine in just one bite.  I always do love Bahn Mi in any version. 

Pork ham with extra scrambled egg bahn mi (20,000 dong)

Fried chicken with extra fried egg bahn mi
Stay tuned for the next blog still in Vietnam:

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