04 December 2015

Club Med Maldives Part 6: Food In Club Med


Main Restaurant

GOs dress according to the theme
If you guys ever been to Club Med, you will not be surprise looking at the pictures here.  Club Med food are great, every day they change their menu.  They always have a huge range of food to choose from.  Here in Maldives, they divide into few sections with mainly Maldivian Specialties, Japanese Specialties, Western, Dessert and fruit sections.  Unlimited drinks and alcohols also available all day long.  In the mean time, they also serve morning tea and afternoon snacks as well.  So you won't ever ever feel hungry while staying at Club Med. 

So far I'd stayed here, their Maldivian sections, I found the best.  Especially those fried fish and their local chilli sauce were absolutely delicious and authentic.   I had that chilli sauce everytime it was on the table.  It goes well not only with fish but nearly anything.  By the way, only for those who love spicy because it is very fiery and hot.

Maldivian Chilli Sauce

Fried Fish with Chilli Sauce

Again another Fried Fish with Chilli Sauce

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Kani, Maldives:
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