18 February 2015

Club Med Bali (Part 3 - Facilities)

Club Med Bali (Part 2 - Snacking at Batur restaurant)

Information board

Five different languages to choose

Every morning, I will head to this digital screen to search what's theme for today and any interesting competition I can join.  Everyday they have a different theme for the food and it is related to the dress code too.  As well as some particular type of sport available on that day and keep-changing competitions.


This is the permanent residence in club med

Another resident of club med

Merit for GOD

Balinese people most of them believe in Hindu GOD.  And normally, every morning they pay merit to the GOD.  What a nice culture to see!!

Kintamani Bar

Beach bar

Baby Corner
Baby corner is located inside the main restaurant - Agung restaurant.  They provide infant's food in the jar and baby's bottle steriliser and bottle warmers.  Pretty convenient for those who bring the little one here,

And for the infants under 2 years old, it is too young to put them in the kid's club.  However, they have a nanny available to hire as hourly.

Petit Club

Baby food

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Club Med Bali:
Club Med Bali (Part 4 - Activities)

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