16 February 2015

Club Med Bali (Part 1 - Welcome to Club Med)

Travelling is my life.  I like to see something new, try new cuisines and explore new places.  When I visiting new country, hotel is just a place to sleep for me, I would spend most of my time going out to the town.  So my first thought is Club Med wouldn't be my choice at all.  By the way, anyone who still have no idea what Club Med is.  It is actually a resort with all inclusive.  All inclusive here means once you pay for the accommodation fee, that's all include meals 3 times a day, snacking, non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks all day long, activities inside the resort and shows that run every night and after party til midnight.  Basically, if you want to maximise what you had paid, then you kinda need to stay whole day inside the resort, right!!

Therefore, Club Med is a Big NO NO for me.  As I prefer to stay in a cheaper hotel while I can enjoy the country's culture and food out there.  However, my husband works in the Club Med reservation office and everyday he tries to brain storming me with the idea of holiday in Club Med.  He guarantee that I will change my mind about Club Med and love it instead and will keep going back again and again.  

I was weak and finally follow him!!  But Hey!!  Why not!!  I just take it as a new experience.  And I said to myself  "it's once in a life time experience though, at least I can explain to people what Club Med is''.  Our first Club Med is in Bali, great choice as I have been to this island numerous time, so I wouldn't mind to just stay in the resort for whole time.  Plus I will bring my little one who just turned 6 months old.  It won't be so convenient to bring him around the city.

Garuda Airline

Flying with Garuda Airline from Sydney to Bali takes us roughly about 5 hours and 30 minutes.  Not so long flight with a nice food as well.  And flying with baby, of course we got the privilege sitting at the front row and baby cot too.

Club Med Representative

Once we arrived at the Ngurah Rai International Airport and done with our custom and pick up our luggage, the guy from Club Med was waiting for us in front of the gate with holding the Club Med sign.  So very easy to find them.

After checking our name in his guest list, he lead to the Club Med's van that will take us to the resort.  Only about 30-40 minutes from Airport to the resort, as Bali got the new highway bridge that shortened the way from airport to Nusa Dua where Club Med is.

Club Med van

Lounge area

We greeted with a very friendly GO that has been assigned to help us around.  They normally choose the one who speak your language.  Unlike in any other resort or hotel I had been, in Club Med you only need to sit and relax with sipping fresh welcome drink on your hand in the lounge area and they will do all the check in process.

GO is one of their unique character for Club Med, they are very energetic, friendly, and talented.  Not only be as a resort staff who more than happy to help you with anything, but all the activities and shows inside Club Med are run by them as well.

Welcome drink

As a Club Med guest we need to wear this ribbon most of the times especially when meals time.  It will differ us from the people who just visit Club Med for half or full day but not sleep in.

Baby's ribbon

Here are the photos for superior and deluxe rooms.

Superior Balcony

Superior room

Deluxe room with baby's cot

Sofa bed in deluxe room

Deluxe room terrace

Stay tuned for the next blog still In Club Med Bali:
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