11 November 2014

Day 16: Dotonbori, Osaka


If you were in Osaka, your journey will not complete without visiting this famous place called Dotonbori.  The place is full of light, very bright and mesmerising.  Packed with tourists and locals try to take some nice shots with all of these huge giant billboards.  The billborads here are very specials, some even go overboard, not only a flat screen advertisement but it is shaped into their specialty.  Like some of the pictures below..


I heard that this most popular "Glico" sign has been removed and replaced with a different billboard.  What a shame!!!

What a cozy place to have your dinner.  Decorated like a traditional Japanese dining room at home in the winter complete with soft cushion and blanket around the low table.  Everything looks the same, even the coat that they provided to the customers as well, the only thing is it is outdoor.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:
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