19 October 2014

Day 15: Tepanyaki Zensou at Crown Palais, Kobe

Day 15: Kobe Haborland

As I mentioned in my previous blog that Kobe beef is one of the best and also most popular beef among Japan.  It is renown for its flavour and its well-marbled texture.  The meat is very juicy and tender, especially when it done in medium-rare.

We really like to savor this famous beef here while we were in Kobe.  So, we asked the lady in the information desk and she suggested this teppanyaki restaurant, Teppan Zensou, in one of the most luxury hotel in Kobe called Hotel Crown Palais.  Ehm.... why not, we already arrive here anyway far away from home.  As we are really willing to try this precious why don't we go for the best.

Here in Teppan Zensou, we have a private chef cook teppan right in front of us with the premium ingredients served also panoramic view from the huge glass window, what a truly extraordinary way to enjoying teppanyaki.

There are a few set courses available to choose and we went for the 15,000¥.  The menu consists of two seafood appetisers, salad, Teppanyaki of Kobe beef, garlic rice with miso soup and pickles, and finally dessert platter.

a glass of coke (drink is not included)

King Fish Carpaccio
The fish is ultra fresh and very flavoursome.  This dish is also nicely presented.  They really did pay attention in each elements to create such a lovely looking dish and taste-wise also well executed.


Scallops and Prawns
Hnother brilliant dish, look very simple and only 3 components in this dish crispy prawns, juicy scallop and crunchy asparagus with little bit of seasoning.  It was simply delicious.

Marvellous Kobe Beef

I love my medium rare meat and the chef cooked this piece of heave perfectly.  The meat was fatty and tender, as you can see from how many layers of marble in that Kobe beef.  It is even pleasant to enjoy it just as it is or with slightly touch of salt as their natural taste will shine.

Dipping sauce

Natural salt from different region in Japan

The chef use this fatty part of the beef to slightly charred and mix with those garlic rice.  What a great way to enjoy fried rice.  It totally bring that boring fried rice to a better level.

Rice set

Dessert Platter
I got a little disappointed with their dessert.  After a great and wonderful main course we had, their dessert is very ordinary compared to the rest of dishes that they served up earlier.  Their dessert platter consist of rose jelly, raspberry puree, small piece of not-so-good tiramisu, chocolate ice cream and pumpkin chips.

Sadly they didn't complete our night with a great dessert otherwise their food will get 10 out of 10 from me.  Well, overall it was a great and extraordinary experience in eating teppanyaki for us.

Teppanyaki Zensou
Level 17, Hotel Crown Palais, Kobe

Dinner time:
From 5pm - 9pm (last order 8pm)

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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