11 October 2014

Day 15: Hiroshima

Day 14: Okonomiyaki, Osaka

Today we went visiting Hiroshima and planned to go to Miyajima as well.  However, the weather wasn't in our side, it was very cold and showering too.  So, we didn't make it to Miyajima, even in Hiroshima we only covered some part of Hiroshima.  By Shinkansen, it only takes less than two and half hour from Osaka.  Not forget to prepare ourself with some ekiben before boarding the train.  This time we picked pork katsu ekiben and steak ekiben.

Pork Katsu Ekiben 900 ¥

Steak Ekiben  1,500¥

Hiroshima Peace Park

First stop is Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.  It took us longer than we thought inside this museum.  So many things to see and learn from the atomic bombing history.  Very sad sad tragedy that ever happened to Japanese people.

It wasn't too enjoyable walking under the rain so we decided to just browsing inside the mall and had our lunch there.  We were feeling like some pasta today, a little bit detour from Japanese food.  Don't get us wrong, not because we bored of Japanese food though.  Japanese cuisine in here still number one in my list.  We just need some alternative here so easy pick we went for this Italian food again.

Hamburg kid set 900 ¥

Seafood Pasta 1,400 ¥

The food here was ok, just ok, not so bad not so great either.  Unlike the previous Italian restaurant that we went in Yodobashi dining, Kyoto, in here pasta was al dente and for flavourwise was alright.  The hamburg meal was average.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:

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