11 September 2014

Day 14: Osaka Castle

Day 14: Hotel Monterey Grasmere, Osaka

There are plenty of castles in Japan that would take you a whole month or two to see them all.  However, if your time is limited, you need to smartly pick the most unique and popular one.  Osaka castle is one of the best castle to visit.  Nice and well constructed with the location that easy to reach.

Not only pretty in photo but this castle has been well designed and formatted.  I believe in the past when the war between rulers existed, it was very hard for enemy to enter into this castle.  The main hall is surrounded by water and the way in is only by the bridge followed with high wall along the side of narrow lane.  

Osaka Castle

Time Capsule

Takoyaki Truck

Takoyaki with Salmon Roe


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